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Prince Charles proposed to other women before Diana but they turned him down

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 3 de agosto de 2022

Prince Charles was being pressured into marriage by the Royal Family, and since he wasn’t able to marry Camilla, he tried his luck with two other women before Diana.

As the first in the succession line, who Prince Charles would end up marrying was a matter of interest both within the Royal Family and the entire nation. As the most eligible bachelor, in his youth, Charles was always surrounded by women, and he was even seen as some sort of womanizer which was ok for the public as long as he would settle with the right woman to sit next to him by the throne.

We all know the story. Young Charles fell madly in love with Camilla Shand, an aristocratic woman that shared his sense of humor, and his passion for the arts, among many other things. She seemed like the perfect woman for Charles, had he not been the heir to the throne. For the Royal Family, the fact that Camilla had been linked sentimentally to other men, was a huge NO! Charles’ uncle, Lord Mountbatten, even suggested Camilla would be the perfect mistress for the young heir, but Charles was in love.

For decades, it was believed that the Royal Family plotted to separate Charles and Camilla. The Prince was sent abroad with the Navy, and sadly, on his return, Camilla was already married to Andrew Parker-Bowles. It’s been said that in any case, the plotting was made on Camilla’s side who wanted her to marry Andrew, who he had known most of her life. Long story short, with Camilla “out” of the picture, Charles had to find the perfect bride to make her his consort Queen with time.

Many believed it was Diana Spencer the immediate candidate for Charles since he was being pressured to marry by his family. But, as a matter of fact, Charles proposed to two different women before even meeting Diana. Unbelievably for him, both turned him down and refused to become princesses. Who were these women and why is this part of Charles’ story not that well-known?

Amanda Knatchbull

Before Diana was the perfect match for Charles, another woman, quite close to him and the Royal Family seemed like the most suitable young and beautiful woman to become Mrs. Charles Windsor. It was no other than his second cousin, Amanda Knatchbull, Lord Mountbatten’s granddaughter.

She was young, beautiful, part of the family, and more importantly, Charles and Amanda hit it off quite well since they met. According to Royal author Robert Lacey, Amanda and Charles even started a relationship that seemed to go quite well. However, Amanda was a very independent and smart woman, so when Charles finally proposed in the summer of 1979, she simply turned him down.

Amanda believed that although Charles seemed like a nice guy, the scrutiny a royal bride received was not worth it and decided to keep up with her calm life in anonymity. Not only that, the tragic terrorist attack that ended with Lord Mountbatten and his close family was still very recent and now, more than anything, being part of the Royal Family seemed very risky for Amanda. Still, her rejection marked Charles and made him believe that “to marry into the House of Windsor was a sacrifice that no one should be expected to make,” as Lacey explained.

Anna Wallace

Still pressured into marriage by his family, Charles tried one more time, well, twice to the same woman. She was Anna Wallace, a Scottish heiress daughter of Hamish Wallace a wealthy landowner. They had a short relationship and although she wasn’t as great a suitor as Amanda, she was a better option than Camilla in the eyes of the Royal Family.

Like Amanda, Anna Wallace knew best and realized quite soon that Charles was in love with another woman. It’s said that Charles was taking things more seriously with Anna and decided to bring her to two luxurious balls. However, despite introducing her as his partner, he spent most of both nights dancing with Camilla.

Charles had proposed twice to Anna and she had rejected him twice. According to the story, both had other love interests but Charles’ one was deeper and would’ve affected their relationship. After the second ball, which was celebrated at the Queen Mother’s residency in Windsor Castle, Amanda was outraged and decided to end things with the Prince. She broke up with him telling him that ‘no one treats me like that – not even you.’

Charles met Diana right after breaking up with Anna, and the rest is history. Sadly, unlike Amanda and Anna, Diana was too young to read between the lines and see the horrors these young women prevented.

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