Why All Is Not Lost For Latin America In The Football Cup

Things are getting very exciting at Russias Football Cup for some Latin American teams. Is there a chance one might actually win the Cup?

In case you were having fun outdoors and enjoying life, this weekend was a really exciting and unexpected one for the football Cup in Russia, especially for to the Latin American countries participating. So, let’s do a recap to see where we are standing right now when the third phase of the Group Stage has just started.

For starters, Uruguay just became the first Latin American country to go on to the Knockout Stage with today’s amazing victory of 3-0 over Russia, thus advancing in the first place of group A. But let’s go back to what happened over the weekend and the where these are countries standing in their own groups.

For Group C, especially Peru, things remain the same, since they’re going to play their last match of the Group Stage tomorrow. No matter what they do in this game, Peru is basically out of the competition with 0 points and 0 goals in their previous matches. So, even if they won this one, they would only score 3 points, which isn’t enough for them to top Denmark's 4 points.

As for Group D, though Argentina hasn’t been at their best, there’s a slight chance they could actually make it to the next stage, if they manage to win their next match against Nigeria, who has three points; since Argentina already has 1, they could score 4 and pass in second place of the Group. However, they still depend on the Iceland vs. Croatia results. If Iceland manages to beat Croatia (who is doing amazingly well), with a difference of one goal over Argentina, they can still remain in their position and send the two-time world champions home.

Costa Rica is basically out of the Cup after their last defeat against Brazil, and they don’t have much chance of changing their position in Group E even if they win against Switzerland in their last match. However, Brazil's status is still up in the air. If they win their last match against Serbia, they’ll move forward. However, if Serbia wins, they would score six points, and Brazil would be out, if Switzerland ties or wins against Costa Rica. So, there’s still some hope.

Group F had a great weekend and spiced things up a little bit since nothing is certain for its contenders. Mexico had an amazing victory against South Korea in a very complicated match. However, though they have won both their matches, their permanence in the Cup isn’t secured. This is because Germany had a great comeback, winning their match against Sweden, who scored three points in their first match. Now, it all depends on how these teams perform in their last match, Mexico against Sweden, and Germany against South Korea (though they’re basically out). Mexico has to tie or win to secure their place, though the aim is to pass in the first place to have more chances of passing in the Knockout Stage.

This weekend was also decisive for group G, but not in a good way for our Latin American contender, Panama. After losing to Belgium 3-0 on their first match, and the huge 6-1 humiliation last Sunday against England, Panama joins Costa Rica and Peru on their way back home.

Finally, Colombia achieved the impossible and got a new chance after winning their second match against Poland with an impressive 3-0 result, scoring 3 points in the Group phase. They really have to win their third match against Senegal (who already has four points). However, if they lose or even tie, they would be sent packing as well.

So, to sum up, there are still 5 teams with possibilities of moving on to the Knockout stage, though only Uruguay is officially in. They’ll really have to kick ass in their last Group matches, if they want to move on. What are your predictions? Do you think a Latin American team can win this particularly surprising football Cup?


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