30 Ways To Show Your Feelings For Your Partner Without Saying "I Love You"

Are you anxiously waiting for the best moment to tell your partner the magic words "I love you"? Well, you can actually try many other options that can be way more meaningful than those words.

Perhaps one of the hardest or most anxious moments when you start a relationship is either listening or saying the magical words “I Love You”. At first, everything is like walking on cloud 9, seeing rainbows, and tasting candy all the time. Then the confusion starts, is this amazing feeling love? Is it too soon? Should I tell my partner I love them? Why haven't they voiced it? Why not just enjoy the moment? Most of us start a relationship with the hopes of this becoming the real thing. We want to experience love and we wish our partner becomes that person we’re going to spend the rest of our lives with. Ok, that might be too much, but somehow it’s true, or at least it seems in that intense moment of a relationship. So, at the end of the day, this so desired three-word phrase becomes way much more nerve-racking than anything else.

If you ask me, the phrase “I love you” is absolutely overrated. While it’s true that it’s like giving a step forward in the relationship, it’s also true that it can mean nothing. Most of the times, actions do say way much more than words, so if you really want to show your partner how you feel there are many more special options than just repeating a common and cliché phrase.


1. Let them be them

2. Tell them constantly what you like about them

3. Hang with their friends

4. Listen to them 

5. Plan a secret date

6. Give them their time and space

When we’re in love we want to spend as much time as possible with that person, but sometimes that eagerness can be way too much. For a relationship to grow stronger and healthier it’s very important for both parts to spend some solo time. Giving your partner their own space and time can help them mature and meditate on their lives, but at the same time, it can be a great way for both of you to prioritize and cherish the actual moments you spend together.

7. Show them you care

8. Acknowledge them

9. Don’t be condescending

10. Have fun with them

11. Try things they love

12. Pay attention to what they say

Sometimes we tend to believe that only serious and deep conversations are the ones that matter, but most of the times that’s not the case. There can be a lot of truth, emotion, and even bonding in daily conversations. So never underestimate these moments with your partner since they might be giving you a lot of important information.


13. Display your affection whenever you feel like

14. Surprise them with a fun trip

15. Help them when they’re in need

16. Open up to them

17. Compromise at little things

18. Be spontaneous

There’s nothing that can easily kill a relationship than falling into routine and monotony. While it’s amazing to spend a lazy Sunday watching films and eating snacks, doing this every single Sunday can turn into a really boring activity. Try being spontaneous more often. Suggest doing something different to create new experiences, organize a surprise dinner or trip, go out dancing. Did you know that when you try new foods your neurons make new connections?

19. Treat yourself

20. Communicate 

21. Write them a letter

22. Make time to be with them

23. Remember the little and important things

24. Get interested in the things they like

I strongly believe that nothing says "I love you" more than showing your partner you’re willing to get involved in the things they like. For instance, I love music very few people love, so when someone actually takes the time to listen and enjoy the music I like, it proves how much they care for me. Besides that, it’s a great way to know your partner even more.


25. Have smart talks with them

26. Make them laugh

27. Make eye contact and smile

28. Appreciate the things they do for you

29. Accept your differences

30. Don’t change who you are or like for them

This might be the final point but it’s actually one of the most important in the list. If a person decides to start a relationship with you is because they’re attracted to who you are, so never, ever, by no means, change who you are just to please the other. Don’t stop doing the things you love, don’t stop seeing your friends, don’t change the way you look or how you think, for anybody. If someone makes you change an inch of who you are then they don’t love you enough. Besides that, it’s even like deceiving them, and thus not trusting that they might like you for who you are.

Why being anxious about a cliche phrase or moment when you can enjoy those meaningful moments that can say way much more? Despite that this is a long list, I bet there are tons of other options that can show love as deeply and significantly as such words, because at the end of the day, there’s no doubt that actions can tell way much more than just three words.



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