11 Ways To Practice Self-Care When Staying At Home

11 Ways To Practice Self-Care When Staying At Home

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These self-care tips will help you to overcome this difficult period of lockdown. We know it's not easy for many, but take care of yourself first.

By Didí García 

Having to stay home from work or school isn’t as fun as it sounds. So, if you’re having trouble dealing with isolation, here are some tips that’ll surely help you feel better and take care of yourself during these tough times.  

Read a book. 

This is your chance to actually get to work on that pile next to your bed. 

Listen to music. 

Many artists are sharing new music online. 

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Take a nap. 

A short, middle-of-the-day nap can really be just what you need.

Take a long bath or shower.

Spoil yourself, play some music and relax.


Writing can help too, so you can use this time to jot down everything that you are grateful for. Here are some tips if you want to write a novel.

Call a friend or make a video call. 

They really miss you too. 

Clean up and organize your home. 

There’s nothing better than a clean space.

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11 Ways To Practice Self-Care When Staying At Home 1

Write a letter to yourself in the future.

You’ll thank yourself later.

Get creative in the kitchen. 

Try out that recipe you’ve always wanted to make. 

Work out or just do some stretching exercises. 

There are tons of videos on YouTube that you can do. 

Don’t forget to hydrate. 

And make time for meditation or breathing exercises if you need them. 

Staying home doesn’t have to be depressing. Use this time as an excuse to take good care of yourself.