The Best Way To Seduce A Man Without Sending A Single Nude

The Best Way To Seduce A Man Without Sending A Single Nude

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By: Gustavo Lopez

January 26, 2017

Lifestyle The Best Way To Seduce A Man Without Sending A Single Nude
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By: Gustavo Lopez

January 26, 2017

Dating and flirting are changing just as quickly as the way we communicate with each other. A few years ago people would have been baffled as to why you'd want to send a video that would disappear just as you finished watching it. Now, we cannot imagine life without Snapchat.
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Here's the deal: you've been texting each other for some days, and the tone and conversation started out light and funny, but now it's turning hot and intense. Suddenly his texts have a double entendre, and there is a slight sexual undertone to them. You answer them, and this banter continues for some time, but suddenly you stop and think: "any moment he'll ask for a nude."

Then, the man you've been flirting with and you want to ultimately seduce asks you for said photograph. 

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You like him, so you have to make up your mind:
1) Send a nude.
2) Cut the conversation short.
3)Follow this flirting game without sending him anything. 

First you must understand that seduction is an action based on limits. This means that you will test your own limits, but always respecting those of the other person and demanding that same respect in turn. This seduction game is but a taste of what is to come and if chemistry exists between you two. So, how can you seduce someone without having to send a single nude. 

There is a careful balance to be found between corny-intense messages and sexting

Seduction goes hand in hand with the imagination. 

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Bear in mind that you don't have to be naked; you can describe a part of your body or describe in detail the way you are undressing. The key here is to spark the imagination and for the other person to imagine exciting situations that could be made into reality. 

In a casual way ask him about his sexual fantasies and share some of your own.

Seduction is a tidal wave that rushes in, exposing desires and moving back, concealing everything from sight and mind. This is the great difference that exists between pornography and eroticism: the latter has the ability to suggest rather than expose. 

You don't have to send a nude; a suggestive photograph will make you look provocative and attractive more than ever. 

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Don't forget seduction is a battle, so plan ahead if you want to win. 

You can send voice messages that will spark his imagination and heighten the desire and interest. 

Explicit words from time to time will heighten the sexual tension between you. 

The key to seduction is the tension you generate. It is not about exposing, but maintaining a thin veil of illusion and desire. Words, concealed images, or voice messages can be an option. You don't have to try all; just go for the one that makes you feel more confident, because confidence at the end is highly arousing. 

Seduction is not about getting naked and contorting your body one way or another. It is about capturing the attention of the other person and elegantly and confidently revealing yourself to him. Ovid knew best: mystery generates the longest and most intense interest.