Simple Decoration Ideas For An At-Home Romantic Dinner

When it comes to planning a romantic dinner at home, creating the perfect ambience is key. Check out these decoration ideas and choose the ones that suit your dinner plans the best.

Planning a romantic dinner at home is much more than the food and the company: it must be a special moment that you both remember forever, since this is not your everyday dinner. That’s why decoration plays a big role in your dinner plans; it’s not about re-doing your house completely, but simply putting some thought into the smaller details. 

Romantic dinners don’t always have to be in the dining room with chairs and a table. They can be in the living room, on the floor, the balcony, or even your rooftop. Save these decoration ideas to give your romantic dinner an unforgettable special touch.


Romantic dinner on the floor

A change in scenery is always a great idea, and breaking with the routine of sitting down to eat at the table is awesome because it creates a sensation of having a picnic, only indoors. All you need is a large, thick blanket, preferably in a dark or neutral color, that is not too smooth, so you can prevent any spills.

You should free up some room, so you can be comfortable and stretch your legs, and you should also use a heavy tray where all the food is stable. Make dishes that are easy to eat or can be eaten with your hands, like sandwiches, and avoid foods that are hard to cut up.


You can also have a table or bench next to you for whatever it is that you are drinking: a wine bottle, beers, a teapot, or a jug of water. You can also set up a few candles there or a small lamp. Remember, these measures will help prevent accidents and keep your dinner from turning into a disaster.


Who says fairy lights are only for Christmas? Unless they are colorful and sing Christmas carols, fairy lights are a great lighting element that give a romantic feel to any space, while also keeping you safe from candle accidents. Whether it’s only in the dining area or all around, their soft light will create a different atmosphere and break with the routine.



You can use your usual dining room, but remove any extra chairs, leaving only the number you need for this dinner. Putting these chairs away will create a more intimate atmosphere. You can also move the dinner to the balcony, or take the sofa out of the living room, and put the table and chairs (or cushions) there. The point is to create a different setting for your special dinner. 


Flowers always bring a touch of color, elegance, and care to the occasion, and also change the atmosphere with their aroma. You can add a small or discreet arrangement next to the food, inside a jar, or a tall vase with big flowers that become the table’s centerpiece. 


Remember that the most important thing is to care for the details: it’s not about spending excessive amounts of money, but rather about making things special, from the way you set up the space, to the smell, and the decoration. There’s no need to cover the room in hearts and rose petals; simply by having different details from the ones you always have, the ambience will change.

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