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The Korean Skin Care Routine That Will Change Your Life

Por: Andrea Mejía 27 de septiembre de 2017

South Korea has become a Mecca for groundbreaking fashion and beauty. Their industry is among the top ten producers in the world, and in their day to day, South Koreans take care of even the smallest details of their appearance. One of the strongest parts of this industry is facial skincare, which accounts for over half of its production and marketing. This national passion for skincare is evident through the amount of bloggers sharing their daily routines to the world, as well as the products they use to have healthy and radiant skin. 

Although each blogger has a particular set of products and steps that they follow, the general facial skincare routine that has become popular in that country can be reduced to ten easy steps, five in the morning and five at night. Following it will not only improve the general aspect of your skin, but more importantly, its health. Each step helps remove all dirt and bacteria, which is especially helpful if you live in a city with a lot of pollution, preventing the formation of pimples.

For the morning routine, the first five steps are the following:

1) Cleanse your face

This first step is essential because it will clear your skin so that it’ll absorb the products you’ll apply later. Otherwise, you would only be applying several layers of creams and serums over a bed of bacteria, sweat, and dirt, completely defeating the routine's purpose.

2) Apply toner

Toner helps balance your skin's pH, making it easier for the skin to absorb the products. Also, the toner helps eliminate any remaining bacteria on your skin. 

3) Apply serum

Although a serum's main purpose is to slow down the skin's aging process, it also helps hydrate your face, so it’ll look smoother and healthier.

4) Apply eye cream

This product helps prevent bags under your eyes and protects this sensitive part of your face.

5) Moisturize

For the last step in your morning routine, apply moisturizer, so your face remains hydrated and protected throughout the day. There are several moisturizers that have sunscreen, which is great because one of the most damaging elements in the environment for your skin is the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

Now, after a long day out and about, your skin will need another cleansing session to remove all the dirt and oil on your face. Think of this night routine as a moment to chill and pamper yourself before going to sleep.

6) Remove makeup

This is so important. You must remove all makeup before going to bed, preferably with oil-based creams or cleansing tissues. However, before the next step, make sure you’ve actually removed it all. This might sound obvious, but a superficial removal can leave mascara particles on your lashes or foundation all over your face, which, again, would act as a wall not allowing the skin to absorb the products you’ll apply later.

7) Clean face with water

This step is mostly to remove the oil from the skin, as it could make your skin greasier. 

8) Wear sheet mask

When it comes to beauty products, sheet masks are perhaps South Korea’s most important contribution to the world. There are masks with many different benefits, like hydrating, moisturizing, making your skin more radiant, or adding collagen. Most of them should be worn between 15 to 20 minutes, the time your skin needs to absorb the nourishing ingredients of the mask. Once you take it off, you should massage your face to help your skin absorb the remaining oils or extracts.

9) Apply eye cream

Applying this product at night has a calming effect on your skin after the friction caused by cleansing tissues during makeup removal.

10) Moisturize

Finally, the last touch to pamper your face, moisturizer works as a refreshing layer that will keep the ingredients of the previous products on your skin throughout the night. As you sleep, your skin will rest too, recharging so it's ready for a new day.

An essential part of the Korean weekly routine is exfoliation, which should be done about two to three times a week. Unless a specialist tells you otherwise, avoid doing it more times because it could harm your skin. Now, one last piece of advice: remember everyone's skin is different, so before buying any product or incorporating this routine into your life, pay a visit to your dermatologist first, so you know if this routine is the best for you or if there’s anything you need to change.


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