8 Super Bowl cocktails that are cooler than plain beer

These tasty cocktails will level up your hosting game for your Super Bowl party.

Guacamole, chicken wings, hot dogs, and tons of beers are pretty much what most people get and prepare for the Super Bowl. We get it, all of them are quite delicious, but wouldn’t be great to change some things once?

If you’re thinking like us (which is likely why you’re here) you probably agree that one way to really level up our Super-Bowl-hosting game is getting really fun and original drinks to amaze our guests and make this football festivity one to remember.


If you’re still a bit anxious about people complaining about the beer, worry not, of course, we’ve got some beer as well!

So, prep your liqueurs, get some ice, and get ready to win this Super Bowl party!


Bengalis Spritz

Let’s start with drinks to honor the main stars of the event, the teams competing to get this year’s glory. Let’s start with the Bengalis, and a drink inspired by their vivid colors. To make this Spritz, you’ll need one ounce of Aperol and one ounce of Prosecco. Pour both on a large wine glass and stir well. Add some ice, and fill the glass with soda. You can add black straws to add the classic black and orange combination or even add a wedge of orange.

Rams Lagoon

Let’s carry on with the Rams. For this one, we’ll use curaçao to add that nice citrus blue shade. Mix one ounce of vodka, one and a half ounce of curaçao, and four ounces of lemonade. Stir well and add ice to a large glass. Garnish with lemon peel to add yellow hues. You can also mix everything on the blender and add a bit of coconut cream to have all three Rams’ main colors.


Halftime Shot

What better way to enjoy this year’s iconic halftime show than having a delicious shot! For this one, you’ll have to mix in a shot glass, one part of cherry vodka (you can make it yourself by adding cherries on vodka and leaving it to sit for a day), one part of the energy drink of your preference, and a splash of grenadine syrup. If you prefer a more citric flavor you can add a splash of lemon to reduce the sweetness.

Touchdown Punch

If you don’t feel like making tons of drinks each time you can always treat your guests with a delicious communal punch. To make this beverage mix in a large bowl with ice a bottle of Prosecco, a cup of vodka, one-quarter cup of curaçao, a liter of lemon soda, and four cups of seltzer. Serve in short glasses garnished with a wedge of lemon and peppermint leaves.


Beermosa Kickoff

Here are some beers as promised, after all, you can’t have a Super Bowl party without beers, right? However, a nice twist won’t hurt anybody. This is a new yet delicious version of the pompous mimosa. You get the gist, in a jug mix four bottles of light beer with one cup of orange juice. Garnish the beer glasses with orange slices.

Michelada yards

This is for those who love beer and don’t want to try something too elaborated; a classic Mexican michelada. There are different ways to make it, the simple one is adding an ounce of lemon juice to a large glass previously garnished with lemon and salt on the brim. Add light beer and a pinch of salt. If you want to make it more interesting, you can also add tomato juice and hot sauce. Garnish the brim with lemon and chili powder.


Field Sour

This one is for those who love fun flavors! In a cocktail glass with ice, mix an ounce of Midori, an ounce of vodka, half an ounce of lemon juice, and half an ounce of lime juice. Top the glass with soda and garnish with a wedge of lemon.

Quarterback Sneak

Last but not least a drink for those whiskey lovers. Use a short scotch glass and add one ounce and a half of fire whiskey, three ounces of cranberry juice, and half an ounce of lemon soda. Squeeze a bit of lemon and stir well. I promise you’ll feel like the party’s MVP!

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