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How Can We All Support And Aid Mexico After The 9/19 Earthquake

Por: Maria Suarez 20 de septiembre de 2017

On Tuesday September 19th, 2017 an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 struck central Mexico, critically affecting Mexico City, as well as the nearby states of Puebla and Morelos. As the most recent information states, there are at least 225 deceased, over four million people are without electricity, and dozens of buildings that have collapsed.

We can talk about the coincidence of this disaster occurring 32 years after the most devastating earthquake to hit the capital of Mexico. But when we look at the news, at the images of people raising their fists and asking for silence in order to rescue children under the rubble of a toppled school, we can’t help but wonder where would we be if we were in this situation? We see the faces of the people running from shattered glass and fires, and feel so helpless.

However, regardless of where we are we can show our solidarity with Mexico during this difficult time. The rescue brigades and humanitarian organizations need our support in order to continue to find and save as many as they can. Those affected and left homeless, as well as all those managing shelters, also need our support. We might not be there, but we can still be of service to the people who need us right now.

The Topos Rescue Brigade is a volunteer organization that started after the 1985 earthquake. Since then, they have continued to help rescue victims trapped under the rubble of buildings, in different disasters around the world.

You can donate to their Paypal account:

Project Paz and the El Paso Community Foundation have also created a website for donations to send to Mexican organizations who are assisting shelters and rescue workers.

The Mexican Red Cross is another organization that is on the ground with first responders, as well as supplying food and supplies. You can donate to their Paypal account as well.

One of the most critical groups being affected by this natural disaster are children. There have been schools and daycares that have been destroyed or badly damaged. As well as helping with food and supplies, UNICEF Mexico is also assisting young victims with post-traumatic therapy. You can donate directly to their website.

It’s only human to feel like we’re not doing enough. However, rather than wish to be on the ground with rescue workers, we need to be able to be their support in terms of acquiring medical supplies, medication, water, and food. We don’t know how long it will be before many of the people who’ve been displaced may return to their homes, schools, and jobs. For now we can be supportive through donations and awareness of the situation. It might not feel like much, but for the millions who are still unsure of when they’ll be able to return to their everyday lives, this can make a huge difference.



All images by photographer Pablo Ci. You can find more about him and his work, through Instagram as well as his website.


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