8 Things You Didnt Know That Are Killing Your Sexting Game

Sexting has become the modern way of being playful and flirtatious with a person, but no matter how informal this activity can be, theres a right way to do it.

How are you doing with your sexting skills? You probably have never done it and you want some tips on how to initiate the digital exchange of pleasures, or maybe you’ve done it, but you’re doubting you actually did it right. Well, although in most websites they’ll tell you that the number one rule is to let your thoughts run free and not to think too much about what you’re writing, in my experience, most of the times this doesn’t really apply. There is, in fact, an art to sexting, and you have to think of it as a make-believe act of sex. But putting it into words, no matter how much you’re into the situation, can be really difficult, especially if you're not used to it. So, for that reason, I've comprised a list of the 8 common mistakes you can actually learn from to make your sexting game the best out there. 

You use too many HaHa’s and LOL's 

I know you want to sound funny and a bit playful, but even in normal texting too many HaHa’s and LOL's are way too much. As a person who loves ending sentences with these lovely interjections and acronyms instead of punctuation marks, I’ve learned that instead of sounding cheerful and flirtatious you actually look kind of dull. Just picture this, the whole point of sex is to create the illusion that you’re actually with the person. Now imagine being in the middle of foreplay with your partner and ending every single phrase you tell with a "haha." Not that sexy, right?


You use too many emojis

Now, this goes basically hand in hand with my previous point. So, here’s the thing, sometimes a funny emoji can help set the atmosphere and can be kind of cute. However, you can overuse emojis. Use them moderately to illustrate something you don’t really want to phrase or would be way too straightforward. The emoji can play an interesting role in the game (hello, eggplant!). However, if you’re one of those people who love substituting most words with emojis, just don't. To start with, sometimes they aren't as clear as you think, and trying to decipher what you want to say can kill the mood. And finally, just like with the HaHa's and LOL's, you'll only look kind of dumb.


Send too many messages without a reply

Think about it as a tennis or ping-pong match. You write something, they reply, and so on. If you start writing an essay you'll miss that one-on-one game, and it will get boring and kill the mood. Again, picture yourself saying these things in person. It would be too much right?


You ramble too much

This goes hand in hand with the previous mistake. Sexting must be dynamic and easy going, so if you start rambling the other person will lose interest, and then it'll ruin the mood. 


You don't know your audience

This point is highly important for two main reasons. The first one and simplest is that when you know the likes of the person you're texting, you can focus on those. The other and fundamental is safety issues. Yes, sexting gives you that adrenaline rush of playing between privacy and the public, but it's important to be sure you won't actually cross that line. If you're planning on doing it with someone you don't trust entirely, it's better not to. You don't want those messages circulating on the vastness of the Internet. 


You abuse of punctuation marks

It has to do with the emoji and interjection thing. You can create the tone and atmosphere with words. You don't need to opt for an excessive use of punctuation marks or another kind of ornaments to achieve it.


You believe sending pictures are a must

Yes, an image can actually say more than a thousand words, but in this case I really advise not to do it. Not even if you trust the person you're sexting. Why? You'll never know where these images will end or who can see them. Now, if you really want to do it, just make sure your face isn't in them. Seriously, you don't want your intimate pics in a random person's phone or computer. 


You forget about timing

Finally, timing is your first, second, and third priority. Well, sorry, that'll actually be safety, but you get what I mean. It's nice to show you have the initiative;. But make sure the other person is free to start playing with you. Imagine how awkward it would be if they're in an office meeting or with their parents. 


Sexting is basically a new form of exploring our sexuality through the technologies we have at our reach. If you feel like doing it, just go for it, the only thing is to know how to do it so it’s safe. For more tips take a look at these:

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