50 Things You Should Experience With Your SO To Know If Theyre The One

Can you check on more than 20?

They say that to know if the person you’re with is The One you have to pass three important tests:

  1. Sleep together in a non-sexual way
  2. Eat together other than in a date,
  3. Be able to go to the bathroom with them right in the next room.

No offense, been there, done that, and they turned out to be terrible relationships. More than that, I think that today those three steps are irrelevant in how relationships are built nowadays. So, how can you know if your relationships is The One you should hang on to? So, here's the ultimate checklist of all the tiny things that you have in your relationship that very precious and you may be taking for granted.

1 Cook together

2 Make a spontaneous trip

3 Make a long trip together

4 Meet your respective families

5 Have a serious fight

Not everything has to be like walking on cloud nine and sometimes you really get to know the person you’re with when you have a big fight. Both can get really engaged and when we’re angry we really show, let’s say, our true colors. But with fighting also comes a real bond and a joined effort to solve things. Learn from each bad moment.


6 Hang out with their friends

7 Try new things in bed

8 Go out to random places

9 Have a shared random project

10 Having silent moments without feeling uncomfortable

There’s nothing like feeling absolutely comfortable with the person you’re with even when you’re not doing anything, literally. Being able to remain silent and yet feeling comfortable enough can be a great sign that you and your partner and in the good path.


11 Go out dancing

12 Get out on an adventure

13 Go shopping together

14 Do something you love they don’t like

15 Do something you don’t like but they love

Compromising in activities that you know will make your partner happy can be a great sign of commitment. In the same way, as you saw in the past point it must be the other way around as well. It’s quite common to love things the other doesn’t precisely enjoy but being able to feel comfortable accompanying them is key to having a healthy, long-lasting relationship.


16 Snuggle

17 Watch movies for a whole weekend

18 Text each other at least once

19 Read something simultaneously

20 Talk about serious things

You don’t only have to spend time talking about your relationship and how much you love each other. That’s normal at the first months of the relationship when everything is about infatuation and love. But as the relationship evolves, not that the love fades away, but you move into another step of your relationship and talking about deep stuff till late can create another type of bond that strengthens the relationship.

21 Exercise together

22 Go out together as much as you can

23 Plan pranks together

24 Listen to their problems and help them solve them

25 Get drunk together

Remember what I said about how when we get angry we can show our real true colors? Well, you already know this. Alcohol can take out that shy shield we tend to put on a daily basis. In that way, if you both get drunk together you can get to meet that extroverted version of yourselves.

26 Learn the things they’re passionate about

27 Encourage them to achieve their goals

28 Listen to music together

29 Go to a concert you both like

30 Cheer for them whenever they accomplish something

When we’re in a relationship we want our partner to support us and help us accomplish our goals. It’s not that you have to cheer for them for literally everything, that would be somehow obnoxious. But show them your support in those things that matter for them, is something crucial for a relationship.


31 Express your feelings every time you feel the need to do so

32 Laugh at each other

33 You surprise each other with little details

34 Go out walking just for no reason but to be together

35 Learn how to be alone

Just as you have to create the best bonds with your partner, it’s also important to learn how to be by yourself. Sometimes, couples tend to spend basically all the time they can together, and whenever they have to be alone it can be a huge crisis. Relax, nothing will happen if you don’t see each other as often. Actually, having solo time can help you have a more mature relationship.


36 Learn something new about them every day

37 Ask them about their day

38 Cry together

39 Shower together

40 Talk openly about anything…. literally

Trust is built by sharing and having an open communication. Don't be shy to talk about things that are thought to be embarrassing, like bodily fluids. It kind of reminds me of the third point I mentioned at the start, perhaps it is a cloaked reference to this. Talk about these things, be open and you'll see how you feel more comfortable in every matter with your partner.

41 Accept when you’ve messed up

42 Wear each other’s clothes

43 Do something stupid in front of the other

44 Accompany them when their sick

45 Talk about the future

Not that you have to talk about marriage and kids, but it’s important for both of you what are you expecting from the relationship and where you see both of you in the future. Having clear ideas about the future will help you know where you’re standing and the possibilities you have.


46 Play something together

47 Get silly

48 Make photo sessions

49 Share embarrassing stories

50 Tell them I love you whenever you can

Of course, the one thing you have to do basically every day is telling them how much you love them whenever you can.


As you can see, in this long list there are things that are immensely important for a healthy relationship to work out. Naturally, there is also some random stuff that may inspire you to try out and have fun. At the end of the day, it’s all about sharing special moments together and creating memories.


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