Five Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself This Fall

Five Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself This Fall

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By Seadeta Osmani

Fall is here and everybody’s Instagram is all about syncing with whatever trend is going on right now. New color hues are taking social media either by matching your eye shadow with your nail polish, or by learning how to properly combine and use your umbrella as the go-to accessory for the rainy, cold days. This is the season to try pumpkin spice lattes, to get some tips on how to take care of your skin during the cold weather, or how pull off those cute boots with your old denim jacket. But also, it is a season that invites us to see how the cycles of life reflect directly on the cycles of fashion.

Five Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself This Fall 1

How? Well, our society mirrors the fashion industry in the way that now, it seems that experiences, just like fashion, have become disposable, ephemeral. We no longer worry about the things that matter like growing up, gaining experience, and maturing as we have become a society that cherishes what's on the surface. The thrill of a momentary experience has turned us into people that use whatever fit us; nature, situations, emotions, and even people, to fulfill a moment no matter if later on we dispose them. We use people, things, and situations, one after another, without stopping for a second to consider our responsibilities or the needs of the others. It feels as if we were racing against time, as we add layers upon layers of glitter, colorful, shiny fabrics to create an image of ourselves. Yet, we're still kind of empty.

If you identify with this feelings of emptiness in spite of having more and more followers on Instagram, I suggest you try something different this fall. Stop for a moment and look down that street or through that back yard, turn off the noise and listen…

The arrival of the fall comes with a message that brings the opportunity to reinvent yourself: if you know where to look. A few changes here and there, and those messages will be clear for you to understand. Follow these simple recommendations and perhaps by the arrival of the winter you will find yourself with a whole different mind-set as a result of this wonderful and warm season:

Five Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself This Fall 2

Look around you - The scenery is changing. Feel the power of mother nature, pushing, and changing everything around you; bringing forward yet another cycle. It takes a skilled eye to see under all the layers of makeup and glitter. Look beyond the hot styles and the filters!

Five Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself This Fall 3

Taste the season - The fall always comes with delicious treats: ripe apples and nuts, nourishing meals with family and friends. Autumn is warm with soups and the company of those who love you.

Learn the timeless skill of letting go - Even the greenest of greens has its hidden colors. Now you will see nature unveiling its darker hues. Let go of spring, and summer. Welcome this new change.

Five Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself This Fall 4

Find solace in uncomfortable moments - The sound of heavy rain can offer comfort at times and winds can sound a lot like the howling of your own heart when you are hurt. Listen to these sounds, learn to enjoy the changes in weather and embrace the season.

Reap the fruits of the year - Fall is the season of harvest, when the hard work of the year finally pays off in the form of bountiful rewards. Remember that the tastiest rewards are served on a plate of patience and understanding.

Five Things You Can Do To Reinvent Yourself This Fall 5

Yes, the latest fashion item looks great on you and I’m sure many have already told you that. But if you want the greatness to last, try being open to what’s happening around you and digging a bit deeper to find out what’s been hidden inside of you. Once that inner glitter surfaces, you will never have to wash it off.


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