6 Helpful Tips To Work From Home

6 Helpful Tips To Work From Home

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With the Coronavirus quarantine and the social distancing strategies to prevent the virus spread, we need to work from home, so here are our best tips to do so.

By Laura Rivera

If you somehow end up having to work from home, here are some tips to do so more effectively.

In order to start your day off right, it’s important to stick to a regular work routine. 

1. Getting up early always helps 

If your working day starts at 9:00, don’t run to your desk at 8:59. Wake up early enough to take a nice shower and eat a good breakfast. Make sure you eat a balanced meal so you can start your day right. 

2. Don’t stay in your PJs all day

Wear comfortable clothes that you can stay in for most of the day; taking off your pajamas will help you feel fresh and productive. 

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3. Home office 

Designate a space in your home as your personal office. This will help you concentrate better. The space should have good lighting, natural if possible, a comfortable chair, and you’re good to go! If you have a laptop, adding a keyboard or a second, larger screen, will make your work easier. 

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4. Avoid distractions

Don’t leave the TV on, and if you like listening to music, keep the volume low. 

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5. Stay connected 

It’s important that you communicate constantly with your boss and colleagues, whether it’s by text messages, online meetings, e-mail, or phone calls. 

If you have kids at home set up activities for them. You can get them coloring books, materials for arts and crafts, and their favorite toys. Offering them their favorite foods will keep their spirits up, and it’ll be easier for you to work. 

6. Respect your working hours 

It’s important that, once your working day is over, you log off and do your everyday home activities or get some rest. 

Remember that working from home doesn’t mean you’ll work less or reduce your performance. 

What are your tips to work from home?

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