Simple, Trendy Haircuts That Are Great For Curly Hair

Simple, Trendy Haircuts That Are Great For Curly Hair

Those days when all the coolest styles were only for straight hair are over.

Hasn’t it happened to you that you go to the salon with the picture of a super cool and trendy hairstyle you want them to recreate, and it turns out perfect, but as soon as you take the first shower it turns into a nightmare? I bet that’s happened to many of you reading this. Well, not that your stylists suck, but that’s mainly because they don’t really consider the texture and nature of your hair. On top of that, most stylists tend to cut our hair when it's wet, and for us curly-haired people, it ends up looking way different than when it dries. So, what to do?

Personally, I’ve been going through a rough patch of terrible haircuts. Since I have a lot of hair, I always tell them that I want something that’ll take care of the volume and, not kidding, three times at different salons they ended up just layering my hair, which made it even worse. Just last week, when I had lost all hope, I went to a stylist everybody said was miraculous, and for the first time, he’s managed to give me a cut I actually like and I don’t have to spend that much time styling it every morning. Basically, what he told me is that you have to see how your curls move to shape them with the proper cut. So, based on the advice he gave me, I collected a bunch of trendy hairstyles for curly hair you’re going to love and I might try as well as soon as I get bored with this one.


Curly Mohawk

Simple, Trendy Haircuts That Are Great For Curly Hair 1

This haircut is for the bold and outgoing. Seriously, it’s so cool that I’m even considering it for my next cut. This is a very modern take on the classic mohawk that goes perfectly with the volume of your ringlets. Actually, the more volume and the curlier the best! The cool part is that it won’t take you forever to make it work since you’ll only have to put some cream or wax to put those curls in place, and that’s it.



Simple, Trendy Haircuts That Are Great For Curly Hair 2

Many believe that this iconic haircut is only flattering for straight hair. Well, let me tell you, they couldn’t be more wrong. Actually, the pixie haircut is one of the few that everybody, literally everybody, can rock as long as they know which one goes best with their face shape. When it comes to curly hair, there are many styles you can go for. From a very short one to a more shaggy one, that depends entirely on your taste and the facial features you want to highlight.


Short Bob

Simple, Trendy Haircuts That Are Great For Curly Hair 3

Again, talking about an iconic hairstyle, the short bob is one of those haircuts that go naturally with our curly hair. I mean, just google bob, and 90% of the pictures will have curls on it whether they’re natural or not. The idea here is to play with the natural volume and texture of your hair. Now, there's something important to consider here. In most cases, if it's cut straight, it’ll look heavy at the bottom which might not be that flattering. The best thing to do is to create some subtle layers to embrace the look and still make it workable and trendy.



Modern Shag

Simple, Trendy Haircuts That Are Great For Curly Hair 4

Perhaps, medium curly hair is one of the hardest to style mainly because your locks aren’t long enough to fall down, nor that short that they just sit in their place. However, there are some tricks you can follow to make it look fabulous and stylish. One of them is the modern take on the seventies shag. Although back then this was mainly rocked by people with straight hair, today it’s all about the curls. This style has way many layers that create a nice and delicate fall. Moreover, this one goes well even with very tight curls, so if you’re concerned about that, don’t hesitate to give it a try.


Straight Lob

Simple, Trendy Haircuts That Are Great For Curly Hair 5

Basically, this is the same as the bob, but a bit longer. Again, it all depends on the look you want to achieve, but if you don’t want it to look that big and shaggy, add some subtle layers underneath to make it sleeker and straighter. I find this much more appealing and versatile than the original bob, since it allows you to style it in many different ways, and even tie it up, if you don’t want to work that much on your hair.


Layered Afro

Simple, Trendy Haircuts That Are Great For Curly Hair 6

This one is perfect for people with very tight curls. Today, the trend when it comes to curls is to let them free and shaggy, and this cut will definitely give you that effect. Remember what I said at the beginning about how layers gave me too much volume. Well, for me, this cut doesn’t work that much because my curls aren’t that tight, but if yours are, you’re going to love this cool modern afro. If you want it to look even bigger and add more volume, apply some wax and let them flow freely.



Sleek Ringlets

Simple, Trendy Haircuts That Are Great For Curly Hair 7

Again, this style is perfect for those with very tight spiral curls who prefer a sleeker hairstyle. Long sleek curls can give you a very nice look when they’re well cared for and don’t look damaged. For this cut, you basically have to let your hair do its thing and grow as long as you want. The trick here is having a good hair routine to hydrate it, so it doesn’t look dry and dull.


Lion Mane

Simple, Trendy Haircuts That Are Great For Curly Hair 8

Unlike the one before (not the care part; that actually goes for every single look), in this case, you'll want it to look more shaggy and messy like in the afro version we mentioned for medium hair. You can achieve this one by adding layers, or by styling it in a very messy fashion. Spray can be your best friend to add some frizz and make it even bigger, but don’t overdo it if you don’t want your hair to look dry.


Wavy locks

Simple, Trendy Haircuts That Are Great For Curly Hair 9

Finally, we have what’s probably the most popular hairstyle when it comes to long hair: the famous beach waves. If you have really curly hair this might require some time to achieve because you’ll need to straighten it first, but if you have very loose curls like myself this is actually quite an easy, effortless, and fast way to rock a fabulous style.


As you might have noticed, most of the trendiest looks for curly hair nowadays involve messier and shaggier styles because it’s all about embracing our natural hair and texture. As long as your stylist understands how your curls react and move, and works with them instead of despite them, you can rock basically any hairstyle you want.


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