An Easy Way To Achieve A Perfect Urban Mermaid Look

An Easy Way To Achieve A Perfect Urban Mermaid Look

Mermaids have taken over our modern life, why not our makeup? Here's a quick how-to for a modern everyday mermaid look.

There’s no doubt that one of the trends that our millennial generation has embraced the most is basically anything related to mermaids. We’ve seen it pretty much everywhere, from brightly-looking frappuccinos, beautiful metallic clothes, gorgeous accessories, crazy hair dye, and of course, makeup. These creatures have always intrigued us, but besides the geeky historical commentary, what we love most is the colors and styles often associated with them. I mean, what’s not to love about holographic effects blended with bright blues and vibrant greens? I’m not a person obsessed with mermaids, but I must admit that all the trends that have appeared in the last years are to die for. So, what about an everday look inspired by these magical and fantastic creatures?

An Easy Way To Achieve A Perfect Urban Mermaid Look 1

Prep your skin:

As with any makeup look the first thing you must do is prep your face and by prepping I mean hydrating it for about fifteen minutes before starting your makeup routine. My tip is to always start with your eyes if you’re applying eyeshadows so that you can actually remove any fallout or clean any possible mistake without ruining your foundation. 


Apply primer:

So, if you want your look to last for hours the first step is to prime your lids. You can use any eye primer, or even your regular foundation this will cover the pores and avoid oil from smudging the pigments. As an extra tip, if you have very oily skin, you can apply loose powder on the lid (to soak the oil), then your primer, and then another coat of powder. 


An Easy Way To Achieve A Perfect Urban Mermaid Look 2

Transition eyeshadow:

Pick a shimmery eyeshadow to work as your transition shade and apply it from the crease to the brows without actually reaching them. We selected a light gold one, but you can actually play with any color you want. Remember that transition colors must be lighter than your main hue so that your eyes look bigger.


Main color:

To bring back that mermaid essence we’re going for a bright green, aqua shade with glitter. Apply it all over your lid up to the crease with a flat synthetic brush (If you want a more dramatic effect to spray some setting spray). With a clean fluffy brush blend all over your crease so that you don’t have a rough line between the colors. 


An Easy Way To Achieve A Perfect Urban Mermaid Look 3

Under-eye shadows:

With the transition color you used and a thin pencil brush, underline and blend from your inner corner to the middle of your under the eye. With that same brush pick up a bit of the aqua shadow and apply it from middle to outer corner of your eye making sure that it reaches what you applied on your lid. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, apply white liner all over the waterline and with a thin flat brush press right in the lash line with a dark eyeshadow.


Final touches:

With a glitter or metallic eyeliner, create a cat eye, to make your eyes look wider and more stylized. Now, to make it more interesting and unique, create a crease cut with the same eyeliner. You can add some lashes for a more dramatic effect or go heavy on the mascara.


An Easy Way To Achieve A Perfect Urban Mermaid Look 4

Finish your face:

To round up the whole look, apply concealer under your eyes to brighten your eyes, and blend it with your regular foundation (to make it last all day, set it with translucent powder). To contour your face apply some bronzer with a big fluffy or a contouring brush right under the cheekbones (you can also apply it in the jawline, and in the forehead). Apply a light blush right in the apples of our cheeks and as an optional step use a holographic highlighter above the cheekbones for a more intense glittery look.


To finish the look, fill in your eyebrows with shadow or a brow pencil and add some pink gloss in your lips to round the whole makeup. Again, to make it last all day and night, you can set the whole makeup with a setting spray or fix plus. And that’s it, you’re ready to rock this cement ocean with this unique urban mermaid look.

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