Vaginal Kung Fu: Does It Really Guarantee Orgasms?

Vaginal Kung Fu: Does It Really Guarantee Orgasms?

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By: Maria Isabel Carrasco

June 8, 2017

Lifestyle Vaginal Kung Fu: Does It Really Guarantee Orgasms?
Avatar of Maria Isabel Carrasco

By: Maria Isabel Carrasco

June 8, 2017


Every day we search for new forms to enhance the pleasure of sexual activities. From eating certain fruits or foods considered aphrodisiacs, natural medicines to help increase the libido, trying new things like settings or positions, to crazy trends like herbal tampons that guarantee the best orgasm. I think it’s great to have this commitment to improve our sex life, but have we gone a step too far?

I'm sure you heard the recent trend of putting wasp nests inside your vagina, I mean, why? Apparently the Malaysian "health shop" responsible for selling these balls of pain on Etsy said that these nests can help clean and tighten the vagina; moreover, the creators of this insane practice have been encouraging women to make an infusion and drink it for forty days to recover the elasticity of the uterine canal.


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Now, there are practices like Kegel that consist in contracting exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles. A lot has been said about the benefits of these exercises, not only in sexual terms, but also for health issues. Following the idea that these are muscles that can be exercised, there’s a new trend that claims to help you reach better orgasms. Vaginal Kung Fu is an exercise that takes the principles of Kegel and weightlifting by introducing a small stone attached to weights into the vagina. The muscles of the vagina contract and place pressure on the small jade stone and by adding the weights the muscles must work harder, and as a result, get stronger. 


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The idea behind these Kung Fu style exercises is to strengthen the pelvic muscles and gain more control. The belief is that this can lead to an improved sex life and can provide additional health benefits. Now, I understand the logic behind all this  but isn't it a tad too extreme to carry things with the vagina?

Sex and relationship coach Kim Anami, who is a main spokesperson of Vaginal Kung Fu or Vaginal Weightlifting, has spearheaded this rising trend. However, this extreme exercise has been around for centuries, according to gynecologist Lisa Masterson, this is an ancient Taoist practice that's meant to enrich sexual experiences.  


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The program is not just about just introducing an egg-shaped jade stone and attaching things to it. It also involves meditation and exercises of self-awareness to know your body and its limitations. Kim Anami states that it’s also important to include anatomy lessons to know exactly how the body works. Moreover, without self-exploration the exercises become not only impossible to perform correctly, but also dangerous, since the weight can cause severe contractures and muscle strains.


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It’s well-known that exercising these muscles helps improve sexual practices, but how does this work? When we have control of this region, we can voluntarily add pressure through contractions, which obviously produce more pleasant sensations. So, this practice ends up helping you and your partner have better sex and experience new sensations. Moreover, this program claims to give women the power to control the precise moment of climax. Not bad right?


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Although I understand the logics behind this program, I’d say that the only way to prove it is by trying it. However, I highly recommend paying a visit to your gynecologist before enrolling into any class, since putting weights into the vagina doesn’t sound like a very natural practice.


Would you try it?


The images accompanying the article are from Vaginal Kung Fu Coach Kim Anami. If you want more information, check her Official website: Kim Anami.



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