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7 Volunteer Programs That Will Make This Summer Unforgettable

21 de marzo de 2018

Ariel Rodriguez

Having volunteer experience on your resume says many great things about you as a person and a professional. It shows you are a dedicated and organized individual. But more importantly, it tells employers and universities that you care enough about others to spend your free time on activities that involve helping your community. Because of this, volunteering will open many doors for you in any field you choose to work in. Besides the professional experience, participating in volunteering programs will give you new life experiences, knowledge, and friends. So, whether you're interested in teaching abroad, protecting animals, or participating in research projects related to your studies, there are hundreds of programs all over the world that will suit your interests. If you want to learn more, the following list is a great place to start.

Costa Rica

The landscape paradise that is Costa Rica can serve as a great experience since there’s the opportunity to not only help projects related to healthcare and home construction, but also turtle conservation. You can enjoy the warm weather of the country while protecting the turtles! The program is organized by
International Volunteer HQ
and takes place year round in the cities of San Jose and San Antonio, Costa Rica. They teach you Spanish and one week will cost you around $300 USD. 


The city of Chiang Mai in Thailand, can become your preferred choice if you are trying to get college credits. This is a four-week program by the volunteer traveling company Kaya
where you can visit local tribes, learn about the country’s food, and have a weekend trip to Bangkok. The program is about $4,000 USD for four weeks and can be extended to more days.


There are several opportunities to choose from in this program. You can either help as a teacher in the communities of Tanzania, do dolphin research alongside researchers in Zanzibar, be part of a program regarding female empowerment in Kilimanjaro, or even do an NGO internship with the African Impact Foundation
which organizes the program. The prices vary from $1,000 to $2,000 USD.


This program takes you inside the culture of India. There are three locations where you’ll be transported and the calendar of activities includes childcare, orphanage service, and teaching. The organization Go Eco only take 15 volunteers every summer and you must be over 16 years old. The three-week program is only $1,500 USD.


Another International Volunteer HQ program based in the Island of Nosy Komba, has five programs to choose from that include experience with marine and forest conservation, teaching, as well as community development. It only lasts two weeks and they take up to 20 volunteers. The cost for the program is $550 USD.


In this Buddhist country, volunteers from the International Volunteer HQ program can do ESL classes, special needs care, computer support, medical assistance, and working alongside NGOs. They take you through the cities of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Pursat, and Kampong Speu. T
he two-week program costs $360 USD.


We Are Bamboo
organization takes only 12 volunteers to experience the wonders of the country while helping in a variety of projects. For 14 days, the program allows you to explore Kathmandu, journey through mountains, jungles, and support the children of a local community. The price per each day costs $100 USD, and you can always extend your stay.


This program requires volunteers to assist with the economic and health issues that have resulted from the urbanization of the state. While you help with the Cross Cultural Connections organization's program, you can also receive Arabic lessons and explore the landscapes – like the waterfalls of Chefchaouen. There are two programs to choose from: child development and global health. Prices and available spots vary depending on the dates requested.


Volunteering can take many forms, you can always assist at you local church or animal shelter if you don’t have the means to travel. Yet, nothing can be compared as the experience of volunteering abroad where your help will be deeply appreciated and your experience as tourist will be unforgettable.

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SOURCES: Go Abroad We Are Bamboo Cross Cultural Solution International Volunteer HQ

Ariel Rodriguez

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