13 Silent Ways Your Partner Is Showing You Their Love

These little things say “I love you” without actually saying it.

Throughout your life, you will be loved in ways you may not understand at first. When you finally do, you’ll discover that every person you meet has their own way of expressing how they feel. Everyone is different and experiences love in wide manner of ways. How do I know this? I’ve been in a loving relationship with my boyfriend for almost three years, and I can honestly say that being with him has been the most enlightening lesson in love I’ve ever had. But, instead of saying corny things that don’t make sense, I’ll tell you all the things he's taught me over the years.

He is very much an introvert, the kind of guy you'd see on The Big Bang Theory: geeky, funny, and pretty socially awkward. When my friends first met him, they thought he was weird and kind of a loner, but over time, they got to know him better and saw that he’s much cooler than they thought.

After we were over the honeymoon phase, and the time came to start building an actual relationship, things changed, and I started feeling a little unhappy. He never got me flowers or wrote love notes. He wouldn’t post much about us on social media, and he didn’t feel like coming with me to my parties and social events. Because of this, I started to feel unloved, even though he told me he loved me every single day.

One day, I decided to talk it out with him. I sat him down and asked why he never did anything romantic for me, or why he acted like he didn’t care about us. When I was done, he looked me in the eye and asked me: “Do you think I don’t love you? Do you really think that because I don’t do those specific things, it’s because I don’t care about you?” That’s when it hit me. He was so right. I was looking for the things that most people do when they love someone, but because he's not like most people, he wasn't going do what I expected him to.

In the following days, I really thought about it until I finally understood the way he expressed his love for me, and it was beautiful. There were tons of tiny yet significant things he did that I didn't really notice or appreciate before, but now, things were different. I was finally able to see that he actually did a lot of things for me, saying “I love you” without even saying it.

Here are some of the ways that people express their love without words:

Not holding grudges: even though we can be very proud sometimes, learning to let go is the healthiest thing we can do in a relationship.

Supporting our craziest ideas: it doesn’t matter if our ideas never become a reality. Their encouragement is a clear sign of how much they care about us.

Being open to different opinions: it’s actually a good thing when we don't agree on everything with our partner, but it’s even better when they care enough to listen and respond respectfully to what we're saying.

Being willing to stop an absurd fight: ending irrelevant or unnecessary arguments shows how determined they are to be with you.

Taking care of you when you're not feeling great: when you're feeling down, love can come in the shape of a cozy blanket and a double-cheese pizza.

Giving you space: when someone really loves you, they know you need time to love yourself too: to read or watch your favorite show, to take a nice, long bath, or to go out with your friends.

Encouraging to pursue your dreams: if they really love you, they’ll tell you to “go for it” and look forward to be there with you as you try to reach your goals.

Enjoying every minute you spend together: it doesn’t matter if you’re just running errands or cleaning your place. They’ll find a way to enjoy spending this time with you.

Trying new things together: anything from archery lessons to scuba diving or going camping once a month. When someone loves you, they want to have new adventures and learn new things with you.

Being with you at difficult times: they will express their love by being patient, listening to you, and holding your hand even through the darkest storm.

Random kisses anytime, anywhere: they are simply the best way to express love without saying a word.

Listening to the music you like: being open to listening to genres and artists they didn't know about before meeting you is another unexpected way they show you how important you are to them.

Cooking a special dinner for you: after a tough day, they'll wait for you to get home and surprise you with your favorite meal. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

Some of these things are pretty obvious ways to express love, but others are more subtle. Nevertheless, we need to pay attention to our partner to notice them and let them know we appreciate them. Because love isn't always what we want it to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Photo Credits: Marcella Laine


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