5 Ways You Can Pull Off A Bob, The Original Cool Girl Haircut

By the 1920s many women decided to cut their hair to send a message about emancipation and financial independence. You can prepare for your own transformation with these hairstyles.

Our looks are a way of expressing our aspirations, ideals, and subversiveness. That's why a trend can actually be a reflection of the way we think, our behavior, and lifestyle. So, when women started wearing shorter skirts, it was because they were tired of being told it is shameful to show some skin. When they started cutting their hair in the 1920s, they found a way to send a message of emancipation and financial independence just with their looks. Since then, this rebellious haircut, known as the bob, has become a synonym of transformation, freedom, and originality, which makes them the best choice for you if you're looking for a way to innovate your look. Here are some options you can go for if you want a bob, the ultimate cool girl haircut.


You're probably aware of the ridiculous idea that our hair looks unprofessional when it isn't straightened. Let's leave that nonsense in the past. If there's a hairstyle that turns heads when women rock it, it's the curly bob. There's a special beauty in the wildness of unrestricted curls, and in the confidence of the women who can pull it off. You can be one of them. Apply coconut oil to keep it shiny and moisturized, and trim it occasionally to maintain a healthy look.



We're in the twenty-first century, and some people still say that only long hair is beautiful and short hair is masculine. Don't listen to them. You can think of hair as baggage: the less, the better. Cutting your hair doesn't limit your options for different hairstyles, and there are many cool things you can try, from adding volume to make it look rebellious and glamorous with a lift, to using different products to add texture and achieve a rough, sexy look.


Subtle and classy, this hairstyle will never go out of fashion because it is extremely adaptable and fits with all kinds of styles, situations, and events. It's more than acceptable for your professional look at the office, and it's beautiful for a more elegant setting like a wedding. Twist your hair in sections before going to sleep to make it last longer.



If you've spent years with the same hairstyle, this type of haircut is perfect to change things up drastically. Channel your inner Aeon Flux look, forget about balance and embrace your inner rebel with an asymmetrical haircut. This look is all about attitude and personality, and it's a great starting point to change things up with your wardrobe and your makeup style as well.


If your hair is already short, you can change the color to look at yourself in the mirror with fresh eyes. Before doing it, prepare to feel renewed. A different hair color subtly changes your whole vibe. Deep-conditioning will help you maintain the intensity of the new color until you're ready to try the next one. Take care of your hair to keep its healthy look, but dare to experiment with different colors until you find the one that works better for you.


You know the cliché: after a breakup, or any major change in our lives, the first thing we want to do is to impulsively cut our hair and reset our souls for whatever comes next. However, changing ourselves on the surface can actually be a reflection of the changes within ourselves.

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