What if Justin Trudeau Was A Woman?

What if Justin Trudeau Was A Woman?

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By: Olympia Villagrán

March 6, 2017

Lifestyle What if Justin Trudeau Was A Woman?
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By: Olympia Villagrán

March 6, 2017

Why are people indifferent to the incessant digital sexual harassment, perpetuated by men and women, towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

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The Internet and social media lost their minds when pictures of the Canadian politician came out to the world. People didn't really seem to care about his political rise within the Liberal Party or how he's performed as Canada's Prime Minister. However, what many of his fans really know is the shape of his butt, the length of his hair when he was younger, not to mention their collection of photos of his enigmatic, twisted smile.

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The Justin Trudeau phenomenon is as decadent as it is unacceptable. Social media is filled with photographs, memes, and phrases highlighting the leader's "irresistible" physiognomy. Without any kind of respect, censorship, or boundaries, people have been publishing all sorts of images regarding Trudeau's athletic figure, his handsome face, his relationship with Sophie Grégoire, and the number of broken hearts he's left since he became the first viral politician.

Far from being a political figure admired for his professional success, Trudeau has been sexualized and objectified to the extreme. Why has no one expressed concern regarding this phenomenon that could have many consequences on the Prime Minister's professional and personal life? Very simple, Justin Trudeau is a man.

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What if Justin Trudeau was a Woman?

First, all that has been published about the Canadian politician would be surrounded by a feminist discourse that would denounce gender harassment and violence. But since the subject is a man, no one has protested against this. On the contrary, the jokes and laughs have increased, and the published material seems endless. The headlines speak for themselves:

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“These are the photos of Justin Trudeau that are breaking the Internet”

“The throwback of the sexiest political leader of the world”
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“More handsome than ever! This is how Justin Trudeau looked when he was younger”

“The pictures of a younger Justin Trudeau that are melting the Internet”

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"The Internet is going crazy with Justin Trudeau's photos"

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It's been said that Trudeau has turned the subject of politics from being a boring subject for young people into a fresh, friendly, and more casual topic. What's really happened is that nobody cares about his family's political legacy, much less the 44-year-old minister's feminist discourse. This is the exploitation of an attractive man in order to feel involved with the problems that afflict the world.

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This digital madness neglects the issues the politician is fighting for: counteracting the effects of global warming, the legalization of marijuana, reformation of the criminal judiciary system of his country, and attempting the redistribution of wealth within society. However, the main goal Trudeau has accomplished is going from being a Youtube pundit with political aspirations of becoming a political leader (and now, the most harassed man on social media).

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Women joke about his butt, about how they'd wish he saw them, and how he's the epitome of the perfect man. If Justin Trudeau was a woman, those jokes would be seen as threats, a show of disrespect, harassment, and gender violence. So far, Canada's "heartbreaker" doesn't seem upset about what these publications are generating in the digital world. However, at some point, this notion of the trendy politician will come to an end (as anything viral on the Internet). When that happens, the only thing left will be the memory of that sexy man who practices yoga and other sports to remain healthy. Isn't that as degrading as all that's been published about the bodies of TV anchors, artists, politicians, and any other woman?

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What started as a strategy has turned into a ridiculous phenomenon, which at some point Trudeau and his team won't be able to control. For that reason, all those people who now idolize him on social media should stop exhibiting him as a piece of meat. Just imagine the implications of this behavior if the politician was a woman in a dress, high heels, and wearing makeup. Talking about someone's ass, how desirable their lips are, or how sexy they were in their teens would be a terrible form of disrespect against their families and themselves, as public figures and, above all, as human beings. 

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Would those who protest against stalkers and misogynists defend the man who's receiving all sorts of messages regarding his sexualization? Why has no one denounced the cyber-harassment that Trudeau experiences every day through news, entertainment channels, and social media users? Is this type of violence allowed because he's a man? Just think about it.

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards