Why Dating Apps Are The Best Place To Find Real-Life Unicorns

Why Dating Apps Are The Best Place To Find Real-Life Unicorns

By: Hugo Marquez -

Real-life unicorns exist, and they’re the rarest of all people in relationships. The right place to find them may be dating apps, but still, it takes a lot of swiping right to find this unique and mythical creature.

We all know that the term “unicorn” has been around to describe those things that are rather unique, rare to find, or even impossible to encounter. In this same vein, in relationships, the term refers to a third party who’s willing to join a couple to explore new ways of sexual interaction. Here are some things you need to know about unicorns and why dating apps are the right (and yet, the hardest) place to find them.

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whats a unicorn in a relationship dating apps

What’s a unicorn in a relationship?

A unicorn is a person who interacts sexually with couples. The term is frequently (if not always) used to describe attractive, bisexual women who enjoy sex with heterosexual couples. However, this rule has its exceptions, since a male unicorn can also join a heterosexual or gay relationship, and there are also non-binary unicorns.

Unicorns get their name for their rarity. Though there’s the cliché that bisexual women are more likely to join heterosexual couples for threesomes, the truth is something different. That’s why finding bisexual women who enjoy threesomes with couples is extremely rare, since most girls may feel awkward about entering someone else’s relationship.

whats a unicorn in a relationship dating apps

Unicorn hunters is the term for the couple seeking a third party. There’s another element added to the equation of couple + unicorn. Threesomes are the most common fantasies for couples. However, what’s complicated here is the dynamics: for straight couples, it’s hard to decide who to have sex with; both of them have to find the third person equally attractive. Then, the part that’s more tough is finding a woman who finds both of them attractive and is willing to have sex with them. So, in a way, the easy part is finding the unicorn, but the tough part is convincing her to join the couple.

Unicorns are indeed part of the polyamorous universe. Still, the thing about unicorns is that they are aware that they’re there to please the couple’s fantasies; they become more of a sex toy than an actual partner, as if they had a service oriented mind-set. But also, every so often, the relationship between the tree parties may mutate into something more personal and not simply sexually related. Sometimes, unicorns may move in with the couple. Other times, the unicorn may interact more personally with both parties, either with both of them at the same time or with one-on-one interactions.

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Why are dating apps the best place to look for unicorns?

Unicorns are eager to use dating apps to explore this part of their sexuality. The interaction goes right to the point and may make it flow easily and naturally. Most of the time, the dynamics are for the unicorn to have a date with the couple in order to meet and know each other and to see if the three of them are willing to explore their fantasies. Some of the most common apps for unicorns are OkCupid, Tinder, and Feel’d. The latter is the favorite for unicorns and couples, since it’s a threesome-oriented app. Some people may use the unicorn emoji on their Tinder profiles and OkCupid to tell users they’re into three ways.

whats a unicorn in a relationship dating apps

However, one of the downsides of being a unicorn on dating apps is that harassment is quite frequent. Users (men, mostly) assume bisexual women might be interested in threesomes and tend to harass them a lot on dating apps. Though you might thank that men are the ones who should seek for a unicorn, it must be the woman in the relationship the one asking for a unicorn, since most guys tend to interact with unicorns on apps without the consent of their female partners, pushed into a fantasy that may not even be theirs.

Disadvantages for unicorns also present themselves sexually. Orgasms are rare, since the focus isn’t on them, and it also happens that sometimes the unicorn leaves the scene since the couple interacts more after having fulfilled their desires of experimentation and voyeurism.

whats a unicorn in a relationship dating apps

All in all, unicorns and couples can find a safe way to fulfill their sexual fantasies with caution and respect through dating apps. And, when the three of them are very clear about their desires, fantasies, and boundaries, the unicorn could be that something missing that sparks the flame of desire again.

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