Feeling insecure about your gray hairs is so out, here’s how to truly embrace and rock it

Don’t pluck them!... You’re just delaying the inevitable and there’s nothing wrong about gray hair.

Many dare to say ‘silver is the new black and they’re surely right. What once was insecurity for many women nowadays is being loved and embraced all around the world, many also say that its birth is the beginning of a crown in a woman’s head and it’s something that will inevitably happen, no matter your age.

You shouldn’t blame your age or even your stressful job, but your genes; they will dictate how early and quickly it will happen, so if your parents had gray hair in their 30s, maybe you will too. However, your race can also define the moment when gray hair may appear in your life, white people start to gray in their mid-30s, Asians in their late 30s, and Afroamericans until their mid-40s.


Why does this happen?

There’s a pigment cell that makes melanin in your hair follicles, this chemical gives your hair color, but as you age these cells start to die, and without pigment, your hair begins to grow lighter and take on various shades such as gray, silver and white.

However, health issues can also turn your hair gray. Conditions like lack of vitamin B12, thyroid disease, and vitiligo. Stress can cause a condition that causes your hair to shed faster than normal, probably it will grow gray instead of its original color.


If you smoke, this will also affect your hair, cigarettes affect you from hair to toe. Smokers are more likely to gray before age 30 than nonsmokers, and can also make your hair look yellow.

Will your gray hair feel different?

It’s more fragile than hair with natural color because its cuticle is thinner. The hair needs natural protection from water, sunlight, humidity, chemicals and heat styling, without this, your hair will lose water. This will make your hair feel dry, fragile, and coarse.


How should you treat them?

Moisture treatment, anti-frizz, and hair oils can fight dull, dry grays, but you should be careful when it comes to light from lamps or the sun because they can bleach your gray hair and make it look yellow. You definitely should ask your stylist how to prevent it, but a purple-toned shampoo may help keep a vibrant silver.

Since the texture of gray hair is completely different from what we had been used to, it is necessary to keep gray hair very well hydrated mainly because it has a naturally open cuticle that can make your hair look dull, frizzy and even in a bad condition.


Stylist help?

You could add some highlights or lowlights for contrast, this will make your gray hair look more premium. Try purple shampoo to help fight brassiness and make your hair look gorgeous.

You can also consider a cut, the classic one is the short hair, but long layers can look beautiful as well and add movement to the hair; however it’s your own choice and you should follow your heart and choose whatever that makes you feel amazing.


Style choices

You can also use some colors that will make you rock the gray hair. Try mint, lavender, and rose-red outfits; maybe even in your makeup choices, and keep in mind that gray hair is highlighted by jewel-toned colors.

Please do not wear yellow or gold jewelry, if you want your jewelry to give you sparkle and accentuate your gray hair, try white gold and silver!


These are just some recommendations, but you can experiment and decide which colors fit you better. Ask a friend as well so you can get to know another’s an opinion, and take this moment of your life as a new beginning, because there’s nothing wrong with gray hair!

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