Why Falling In Love With A Weirdo Is The Best Thing Ever

Why Falling In Love With A Weirdo Is The Best Thing Ever

By: Andrea Mejía -

Your friends might think you've lost it, but you'll be too busy having the time of your life.

Most people like to say that they don't have a type when it comes to dating and that they're open to everything. These days admitting that you have a type is considered "uncool." However, you won’t hear someone openly saying that they like weirdos because, to be honest, we rarely use this word with positive connotations. I’m not talking about the bad kind of weird, just unique people who do things their own way and don’t care what people say. They’re true to themselves, know their quirks and embrace them, and encourage you to let out your inner weirdo. So, if you’re in a happy relationship with an oddball, or if you’re the odd one in the couple, you’ll know that dating this kind of person has great perks that you won’t find in any other partner.

Why Falling In Love With A Weirdo Is The Best Thing Ever 1

They won’t judge you for your quirks.

Social and cultural standards often limit us and make us afraid to be who we really are. However, a self-acknowledged weirdo knows that being strange and imperfect is okay. This open-mindedness allows them to accept you as you are from the beginning with all your quirks, like your strange preference for mixing french fries and ice cream or wearing fluffy unicorn slippers at home. Your guilty pleasures will no longer be guilty when you’re with them because they know that no one's a stereotype, we’re all complex, and those things we think are strange are what make us unique.

Your conversations will never be boring.

With weirdos, there's no such thing as making small talk. They’ll open up about anything that comes to their mind, so you will rarely talk about the weather, but rather the possibility of aliens hiding behind the clouds. So, you know that they'll always listen when you suddenly start talking about random stuff, and even better, they’ll keep up with your conversation with unusual remarks that will make the conversation flow and will even show you other perspectives you'd never thought of. Whether you’re discussing current events or the cute doggie you just saw walking down the street, they'll always make you laugh and think a lot with their unique views about life.

Why Falling In Love With A Weirdo Is The Best Thing Ever 2

They’ll come up with creative ideas for dates (and sex!)

Most people go on traditional dates, like going to a restaurant, the movies, or a concert, just to mention a few. However, when you’re with a weirdo, no date will be the same. Their creativity is not only reflected in their lifestyle, but also their ideas. Since they enjoy being with you, they’ll come up with the best and most original ways to spend time with you. This also extends to sex: there won't be any vanilla, routine sex, because the last thing they want is for dullness to be part of the relationship. Of course, as long as their ideas aren’t too weird for you, you can see how to spice things up in bed with them.

They help you face your fears.

Part of being weird is, to a certain degree, overcoming the fear of being judged or trying new things. As you might have guessed, being with someone that has been already overcome those fears can invite you to do that as well and let your inner weirdo out. Of course, while doing that is something that you should do for yourself, the complete support of your partner can always boost that positive change you want to add in your life. Even better, maybe your inner weirdness beats theirs. What’s important is that you’ll be comfortable enough with them to be your true self.

Why Falling In Love With A Weirdo Is The Best Thing Ever 3

That’s a relationship to remember

Being in love with a weirdo is such a unique experience that there is no way to replace that relationship or find another one that’s similar. Even if things between you and them don’t work out, in the end you’ll have lived the experience of being with someone that is completely true to themselves and that encourages that in others as well. In case you do have a long-term relationship with them, prepare for the most exciting adventures awaiting you, because one thing is for sure: you’ll never get bored in this kind of relationship.


We all have different expectations for relationships. But if you’ve had the luck of meeting someone who lets you go crazy and embrace yourself as you are, enjoy every second of it.


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