Women Love These Details In A Man's Style

The differences between men and women are vast, and none are more evident as the distinctions between female and male fashion. The XX and XY chromosomes create a divide in how we act and think. Men’s thought process tends to be more practical and punctual, but less constant and broad. Language, their form of solving problems, their preference towards rational analysis, and other characteristics directly reflect on their personality.

 And personality reflects on everything they wear. The way they choose details, garments, colors, prints, cut, style, and put it all together says more than any description. Male looks are created with the same practical and direct thoughts that men come up with according to their activities. For them comfort is key. That’s why a pair of shoes, a watch, a tie, or a jacket is more than enough to know the priorities and interests of the person standing in front of you.


For all these reasons, small details in a man’s overall look can make us fall in love or steer clear. Simple things like the color of his shoelaces or the thickness of his cuff make our analytical, complex, and dramatic female brains start to create the decision of whether what we’re seeing is attractive or not. This means that fashion and style are not just part of a woman’s everyday life, but also the thing that can draw them in.

12. Good taste in shoes.

11. No visible socks

10. Henleys shirts.

9. Rocking a white t-shirt with jeans.

8. Layered-up V-neck sweaters.

7. Wearing skinny ties with shirts.

A useful tip every man should take into account to avoid mistakes when getting dressed up is to have each article of clothing custom fitted with the help of a tailor. Also, suits and certain fabrics are extremely delicate to machine wash, which is why it’s preferable to have them dry-cleaned for them to get the best care and avoid any damage to the fabric.

6. A shirt with the sleeves rolled and buttoned-up.

5. Wearing a tailored suit.

4. A polished appearance that shows off good cleaning habits.

3. Wearing elegant and interesting accessories.

2. Having beanies that match their style during the colder months.

1. Bermuda shorts with button-down shirts.


The hottest thing in a man is the confidence of knowing his style. Having a trademark or signature that sets him apart from the rest is the most important thing to make a masculine look that gets a response. To look good without trying to hard is an art in itself, but it’s not unattainable. Comfort is not in conflict with class.

Luckily there’s an array of brands and prices available for a man to achieve perfection within his wardrobe. These classic and basic pieces are a sure success to add elegance to every look. What matters is that they still help reflect any man’s unique personality which is what truly catches a woman’s heart.

Translated by María Suárez

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