Why Staying In Your Comfort Zone Can Ruin Your Life

Why Staying In Your Comfort Zone Can Ruin Your Life

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Life is full monsters and enemies that aren't necessarily tangible; they can kill our soul and lacerate our flesh without us even noticing. You may not be aware of it, but a comfort zone is a dark and dreary place. It makes people stop fighting for their dreams and goals. It makes them surrender to physical and mental complacency, even if it means the death of their aspirations.

man sitting on balcony drinking beerA comfort zone is an invisible enemy because it can follow you everywhere: to your workplace, to school, to a date, or a family reunion. And that's not the worst news... The worst part is that it's part of yourself. It's like a shadow waiting for you to drop your guard so it can take over you. These are the main consequences of staying in your comfort zone:

You'll miss important experiences

woman with red curly hair lying over her armWhen you stay in the same place or situation, you stop caring about new possible experiences. You ignore everything that surrounds you. The world loses its beauty because you remain apathetic to the things that happen around you. To avoid this, try to stay emotionally and intellectually active. Seek new experiences either with a companion or by yourself; discover the options that life might be offering you and you hadn't noticed because you are letting them pass you by. This way you'll find it hard to remain in a single place or learn new things.

You become a coward

woman in a dark room with a cup of coffee with a depressed faceThe possibility of leaving everything you already know fills you with anguish and fear, even if it's just for a moment. You might think: "What I if don't like something new?" "I am happy like this," or "I refuse to go through such a difficult time again." These thoughts are common excuses to avoid changing a lifestyle you're deeply rooted in, even if you are not really satisfied with it. You don't think you have the capacity to change because you've just never tried.

You become conformist

blond man with light on his faceTo be conformist is like competing in a sports championship thinking you're a loser. A comfort zone melts all your drive and determination to follow your dreams. You give up your hopes without second thoughts because it is easier than putting any effort or taking any risks at all.

You slack off physically and mentally

woman lying on her bed with flowers If you've reached this point, you should be worried. Apathy makes you stay still and takes away your capacity to energize yourself. We never stop learning: life is like a vast ocean hiding many treasures that are waiting to be found by you. Do you really want to stay in the shore imagining how they could look like? Only by swimming a few miles you can find unique treasures.

You become vain

young man with glasses and beanie contrasting with the shadow of a fenceYou start thinking you know everything, and to think that is the worst you can do in every aspect of your life. Never stop looking for ways to become better in everything you do, regardless of how simple or complex things are. To think you already know everything will only lead to a selfishness that will push people away from you.

You can't be surprised anymore

woman sitting on a chair looking through her windowAnyone who reaches this point has lost the ability to enjoy life. When you stay like this, the smallest of obstacles can become an insurmountable barrier. If you can't have enough courage to overcome it, you'll be even less capable of appreciating the surprises that await on the other side.

You get trapped in a comfort zone when you take everything for granted. If any of the points above relate to you, it means conformity is already devouring your life, but it is never too late to open your eyes and break the cycle.

Translated by Andrea Valle Gracia

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