8 Actors Who Requested Their Character's Death To Shock Their Fans

8 Actors Who Requested Their Character's Death To Shock Their Fans

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By: Diego Cera

May 10, 2017

Movies 8 Actors Who Requested Their Character's Death To Shock Their Fans
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By: Diego Cera

May 10, 2017

The passion with which some actors represent their characters sometimes makes them develop a love for the fictional persona to the point where they end up wishing for their real lives to be replaced by that of their character. Actors like Adam West were so involved with their roles that they were convinced they had a double life. After playing Batman, he actually felt the strong urge to save people from the imminent dangers he thought they were in.

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Another strange case is the apparent curse of those who dare to interpret the Joker in the Batman series. The last one, Jared Leto, was so involved in his role that, while shooting Suicide Squad, he would send the cast little "presents," which were actually very sick practical jokes. Margot Robbie has stated that he gave her a black rat packed in a box; she said she was very frightened by this peculiar present, but she ended up keeping it as a pet.

However, some actors are so committed with their characters, that sometimes they wish they'd die. It's not about a hatred towards the role, but they are so absorbing that they want time to do other projects. Others just want a spectacular onscreen ending like Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, she stated that: "If you’re on Game of Thrones and you don’t have a cool death scene, then what’s the point?". Now that there are no more books written by George R.R. Martin and the series is about to end, there's a possibility of Turner getting the end she wants for her character.

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John Francis Daley

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We saw him play psychologist Lance Sweets in Bones. Although he loved the part, he got an offer he couldn't refuse: directing a new version of Vacation. Daley later declared that with his character's death, a bit of himself perished as well.

Dean Norris

movie deaths cause impact dean norris

Hank Schrader's death in Breaking Bad was, with no doubt, one of the most shocking events in TV history. However, it was an end Norris expected from the beginning of the last season, since he already  had other projects to work in. Despite this, the actor said he was happy with the epic end of his character.

Kal Penn

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We all fell in love with Dr. Lawrence Kutner on House MD. His death was definitely so unexpected that it's still shocking. The reason why Penn requested his character's death was that he got a job at the White House during Obama's governance. For that reason, the producers decided to create the right setting so his death was spectacular.

Josh Charles

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After four years of playing Will Garner in The Good Wife, Charles decided to end his contract with the production to try other roles. His character's death was so unexpected that the producer had to write a letter explaining the terrible ending of Garner's life.

Dan Stevens

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When he started working on Downton Abbey he knew he would only play Matthew Crawley for three years. He explained that he wanted to work on other projects and he didn't want to be stuck in a character for such a long time.

Isaac Hayes

movie deaths cause impact isaac hayes

Many of us who used to stay up late to watch the controversial cartoon series South Park were shocked when Chef suddenly died. This happened because the actor who dubbed the character was against the satires made to Scientologists. According to the actor, the creative team didn't understand the boundaries between satire and intolerance.

Harrison Ford

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Although the actor had expressed his desire to see Han Solo die during the first trilogy of Star Wars, everybody knew George Lucas had already planned the story. However, it ended up happening in The Force Awakens, shocking audiences with a tragically sad scene.

Those who consider themselves fans of these characters or the shows they're in, probably felt a huge void when they saw their idols die. However, we must remember that there are new shows coming up with great characters ready to keep us in front of our screens. If you haven't found that amazing character, you can try The Netflix Series That Reveals The True Colors Of Porn. Also, you'll definitely find something in this list of 50 Netflix Series For A Cozy Night In.


Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards