10 Animated Short Films You Can Watch For A Spooky Bedtime Story

We know that not every night is Halloween night. Thats why you can watch these animated short horror films on Youtube for that perfect spooky bedtime story anytime, anywhere.

Sometimes I just can't find anything good to watch on Netflix. Most of the time, all I want is something I can watch right before going to bed. That’s probably why I usually end up watching short videos about almost anything on YouTube. Recently, I accidentally discovered that there’s a whole new universe of short horror films available to watch on this site. What's more, I found a channel called Llama Arts that has the perfect combination of animated short stories (no longer than 5 minutes), great narration, and really, really spooky stories.


Ever since I was a kid, I have always found it so exciting to listen to scary stories right before bedtime. Yes, of course, sometimes I had nightmares, but now, as an adult (and maybe a very twisted one), there's something quite relaxing about horror short films that have helped me out through my difficult nights of insomnia. Listening to tales of rare encounters, ghost stories, or just urban legends always gives me a very rare high, as my imagination tries to picture myself in the situation presented. Nonetheless, what is so relaxing about these animated horror short films, believe it or not, is the narrator’s voice. The way he smooths his tone and finds the right tempo is a crucial element for you to feel as scared as possible. As a personal recommendation, do wait till the late night hours to watch this. I hope you’ve turned off the lights and made yourself comfortable for these ten short animated scary films that will give you something to dream about tonight.

The One With The Creepy Pizza Delivery

The One With The Boy And The Babysitter

The One With The Huntsman And The Shadows In The Woods

The One With The Noises Behind The Walls

The One With The Chambermaid And The Creep

The One At The Midnight Store

The One With The Office Guy And The Nightshift

The One With The Campers And The Laugh In The Woods

The One With The Noises Near The Barn

The One About Being Home Alone And The Deep Web

I invite you to give these short animated horror films a chance. Some of these are definitely nightmarish. Others are just a direct consequence of lack of common sense (like the guys that took the night shift). Either way, you have to admit that at least a of couple of these gave you a nice jump scare. Maybe it was the story about the pizza delivery guy, or the one with the guy that was browsing on the deep web (something I strongly recommend you don't do), here is a selection of situations that feel like they could very easily happen. I hope you have enjoyed the practicality of these stories as well as the quality of each one of these films.

If you want more of these brief scary films, do not hesitate to visit Llama Arts. Sweet dreams and don't let the bed bugs bite.

Cover picture by Llama Arts


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