Facts about Beetlejuice that only a true millennial would know

Did you know that Michael Keaton was not the first choice to play the Beetlejuice role?

The rumor of Johnny Depp starring in the second part of this Tim Burton classic generated many expectations and illusions and although it is not confirmed, Beetlejuice. This lost soul represents everything Tim Burton is, just remember the iconic opening song or the most iconic scene of the cast singing Harry Belafonte’s ‘Day O!’.

At least we all must know Beetlejuice, the ghost whose name you should never say three times and who Michael Keaton brought to life in 1988. An extraordinary movie, it is a horror-comedy that mixes humor and ghost stories. After the film’s release, a cartoon was created and produced by Tim Burton himself, which was broadcast from 1989 to 1991.


One of the main characteristics of Beetlejuice is that he’s a greedy, rude, and mischievous man. This ghost works precisely as an ‘exorcist of the living’ helping the ghosts to drive out of their home any living being that may bother them.

And as curious as the movie can be, there are many curious facts surrounding the filming as well.


Beetlejuice appears for only 17.5 minutes in total

While the film bears the name Beetlejuice, the reality is that it doesn’t appear as long as many of us would like. Keaton only spent two weeks filming his part in the movie, plus he doesn’t appear until the 25th minute of the movie and appears for a total of 17.5 minutes on screen out of 92 minutes which is how long the movie lasts.

Anjelica Huston as Delia Deetz

Anjelica Huston was originally slated to play Delia Deetz, the matriarch of the Deetz family. Anjelica, who has also been known to play Morticia Addams and the Grand High Witch, had to decline due to illness.


‘Married in red, better of dead’

Lydia’s wedding dress with Beetlejuice is red instead of the traditional white. The explanation lies in the old rhyme about wedding dress colors that goes ‘married in red, better of dead’.

Too weird to say ‘yes’

According to Burton, many cast members had to be convinced to agree to do the film because the script was so bizarre. Winona, Keaton, and O’Hara said ‘no’ at least once while Geena Davis (Barbara Maitland) was the only one who was committed from the start of the film. Even Burton had to take a flight to meet O’Hara and convince her to do the film.


Winona’s first film with Burton

Winona began her career the same year Burton directed Beetlejuice, in 1986. Many actresses said no to the role of Lydia, including Molly Ringwald, Brooke Shields, Diane Lane and Jennifer Connelly. The last choices were Winona Ryder and Alyssa Milano, and Burton chose Winona, as it seems that the role of Lydia was made for herself.

Nearly Beetlejuice

Actors such as Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Bill Murray, Christopher Lloyd, Jack Nicholson, and Tim Curry were considered to bring the ghost to life before Keaton was cast.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as inspo

Chop Top from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 was the inspiration Michael Keaton used to base his performance as Beetlejuice.

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