6 Thought-Provoking Documentaries You Can Watch On Netflix Today

6 Thought-Provoking Documentaries You Can Watch On Netflix Today

By: Ariel Rodriguez -

After watching these docs, you'll want to join a social cause...

I’ve always liked documentaries because they change our perspective of how the world works. Docs are like news stories expanded on a broader scope. We can swim in the pool of research and investigation elaborated by the filmmakers. They make us think, analyze, and act. Now, thanks online video streaming, documentaries have a platform to put our minds to work. Here are some of the best you'll find on Netflix.


When it comes to thoughtful documentaries that provoke a change in you, definitely Blackfish has to be one of them. This doc takes you inside the reality of orca whales held in captivity at SeaWorld. It changes our perspective on how we torture animals for the mere purpose of our amusement. It exposes the inhuman treatment they receive, as well as the illegal practices of capturing them.

The Imposter

What happened to Nicholas Barclay, the 13-year-old boy who disappeared in 1994? This doc will spin your head for days as you think, “How on earth did they confuse a man with a boy?” It all unfolds when the FBI receives a call from Spain, telling them that the boy who dissappeared in Texas has been found there. As you can see from the title of the doc, the man in Spain who claimed to be the missing boy is in fact the imposter. What’s more crazy than any of that, is that the family members went along with the whole thing, even when it was obvious that he was not the kid.

Paris is Burning

We usually see drag queens as glamorous artists who can always transmit passion, rhythm, and entertainment during their shows. But this nineties' documentary takes you to the streets of New York City, where Paris is Burning was a safe place for the performers to be who they truly were: queens. This documentary will make you reflect on the life behind the curtains, makeup, and extravagant outfits of the individuals who often face discrimination and rejection from society, friends, and family.

Hot Girls Wanted

A look inside at the amateur side of the porn industry, where 18-year-old girls are seduced by the money and “easy-life” that comes with the online business empire. This film changes they way you think about porn by putting a human face behind it. You can tell the young women are making decisions based on impulses and when they are already in too deep, it’s hard for them to get out.

Brimstone & Glory

Fireworks are an amazing and colorful performance that can bring joy, festivity, and magic to any event. But the people behind its production have burn marks, near-death experiences, and the fear of never being able to get out of explosive flames. This documentary takes us all the way to Tultepec, Mexico, for the National Pyrotechnic Festival. There, we can contemplate the dangers of pyrotechnic world and the risks behind its businesses.

Food, Inc.

You’ve probably heard vegans tell you stories about why you should stop consuming animal-based food items. In between their rants you probably didn’t believe in what they were saying or refused to listen because you “can’t live without” meat, Pop-tarts, and other products. After watching this documentary, you’ll come to understand why being vegan and choosing organic products is not a trend, nor a fad, but a social cause.


While a lot of documentaries can provoke anger and frustration on viewers, they can also help you find reconciliation. Documentaries provide a solution to our social problems as well. They help us see the truth that has always been before our eye, but we been to busy to spot. In a way, Netflix changed the interest on documentaries, now more filmmakers and journalist are opting to complete a product worth being streamed on the online video service.

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