The 9 Best Movies About Friendship To Watch With Your BFF

You dont feel like going out but still you want to hang out with your best friend? Dont worry, make a movie marathon with them!

There are movies that I love because they talk to me on an artistic level. I enjoy watching them by myself while lying in bed, but I hate when people watch them with me because they don’t pay the attention I think it deserves. In the same way, there are films I’ll always love, no matter their quality, because of the experience I had when I first saw them. These I like to call "friend films," and as you might’ve guessed, I watched them with friends, and no matter the subject or tone, I’ll always consider them really entertaining flicks. For instance, one of these films is Jim Fallon and Queen Latifah’s Taxi or Keanu Reeves’ Constantine. Sorry if they’re on your list of favorites, but I do think they’re really bad movies, and yet, I enjoy watching them because they’ve become a staple in my friendship with some people. For me, as it happens with music, these are our "jams." Now, there’s a difference between movies that marked your friendship and movies about it, which don't really have to be absolutely different. So for that matter, I thought of making a list of those movies about friendship you can watch with your BFF, so that they can become a staple in your relationship. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

Stand by Me (1986) Dir. Rob Reiner

Because nothing strengthens a friendship more than going after a dead body. This adaptation of Stephen King’s The Body, tells the story of a group of four kids that decide to find the body of a local kid who’s gone missing. This is a group of what we could call outsiders, each with their own issues, wanting to create the strong bond they don’t have at home. So more, than a silly adventure, this dark story focuses also on the hard parts of growing up and how it’s really hard to escape from the toxic patterns you’re taught at home. This is definitely a classic you have to watch with your pals at least once; just don’t take the story too literally, please.


Bridesmaids (2011) Dir. Paul Feig

Okay, childhood friendships are awesome, but they don’t always remain the same when we grow up, because we all change and take different paths in life. This movie might seem like the classic chick flick, but it’s actually a great script with amazing performances. In case you missed it, the movie is set some time before Lillian’s wedding and deals with the humorous moments of her bridal party. Lillian asks her childhood friend, Annie, to be her maid of honor, but things get really weird as her new friend tries to get in the middle of them, creating really funny and sometimes hard to watch moments (yes, I’m talking about that scene at the bridal shop). Long story short, for me the movie is about how friendships evolve. Even when paths are different, as long as you keep caring for the other you’ll share a strong bond.


Toy Story (1995) Dir. John Lasseter

Come on, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” is all about friendship! I only added the first one, but all three Toy Story movies are really cool films I watch every time they’re on TV or when I find it on streaming, and I bet so many of you do the same as well. Now, I won’t tell the plot, because if you haven’t seen it, I’d really be worried about you. I mean, Buzz and Woody’s friendship is quite relatable. Not that we’re toys, but who doesn’t have a friend who was your nemesis until you realized the many things you have in common? Well, there you go.


Mean Girls (2004) Dir. Mark Waters

Mean Girls is THE movie of our generation. I mean, we loved The Parent Trap as kids, but this one became our teen flick. Well at least for me and a lot of people I know, so let’s just assume it was for most of us. If you’re like me, you probably know the lines by heart, have danced with your friends “Jingle Bell Rock” on Christmas, or even worn pink on Wednesdays. The thing is that this movie marked most of our teens because, though it exaggerates the high school experience, it shows how true friendship can be so hard to find at some points. It's an awesome movie for a friend’s night, if you ask me.


Dumb and Dumber (1994) Dir. Peter Farrelly

Following the classic comedy range, we couldn’t miss one of Jim Carrey’s funniest films (I’d stay away from the sequel unless that is YOUR movie with your friends). The premise is simple: two dumb friends flee their apartment because they’re being chased by two criminals because they asume they are debt collectors. They decide to go after a woman who has left a briefcase on the limousine one of them drives, without knowing it’s filled with money she’s paying to kidnappers to release her husband (thus the persecution). However, both fall for her, creating really comic situations that will put their friendship to test.


E.T. (1982) Dir. Steven Spielberg

It’s time to return to a childhood classic that still makes me want to cry every time I watch it (although it’s not that pleasant when your pals make fun of you for that matter). Spielberg’s classic tells the story of Elliot’s friendship with an alien that hides in his house from a government team that wants to study him. While Elliot protects him, both develop one of the most beautiful friendships in film history, teaching us that sometimes the best way to show our love for our friends is knowing when to let go of them for their own good.


A Little Princess (1945) Dir. Alfonso Cuarón

Inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel with the same name, the movie tells the story of Sara, the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat living in India. During World War I, her father volunteers as an official for the British army and decides that it’s best for his daughter to be far away from the conflict, so he sends her to a boarding school in New York. At first, she’s treated with respect and care, but when the news that her father died in battle reach the headmistress, all those attentions change into mistreatment and abuse. Sure that all girls are in fact princesses no matter their lifestyle, she makes the most of her situation. Accompanied by her new friend Becky, she’ll try her best to be as happy as she’s ever been, no matter how evil and malicious the headmistress is. 


The Parent Trap (1998) Dir. Nancy Meyers

This is not only one of those movies that represented a fantasy of so many during their childhood. You know, imagine you and your new friend are in fact siblings separated when you were babies. If you ask me, the camp is the most alluring thing of the movie, well, that and the funny characters living with the girls. Even today, every now and then me and my BFF watch this masterpiece, followed by Mean Girls, of course. So it’s become a sort of tradition where we do the complex hand game, eat some snacks, and have a couple of drinks before going to the second film. You should try it, it’s really fun.


I Love You, Man (2009) Dir. John Hamburg

I love this one. After proposing to his girlfriend, Peter realizes he has no male friends to be his best man for the wedding. It’s not that he doesn’t have friends, but all of them are women. Decided to make a friend to fulfill this role at what he considers the most important day of his life, he sets to meet with a bunch of guys, but things don’t really work out until he meets Sydney at an open house. Though both are really, really different (he actually attends the event to get free food and hook up with someone), soon Peter will discover that they have a lot in common. Their friendship will be challenging but filled with cool comedy bites, showing us that friendship can literally be found in the most unexpected places and people.


There are tons of films you can add to your marathon with friends, but as you can see, most of them belong to the comedy genre, because what’s best than laughing with your pals until your tummy hurts? Plus, all of these movies can give you great ideas for the next time you’re hanging out.


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