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Chucky's Son Identifies As Non-Binary In New 'Child's Play' Series

Por: Lau Almaraz20 de octubre de 2021

The new 'Child's Play' series is dealing with inclusivity and LGBTQ+ themes. However, these aren't new to the franchise.

Fans were disappointed with the last installments of the Child's Play franchise. So, when news about a new television series based on the classic horror saga came out, Chucky's followers were skeptical.

After last week's premiere, viewers found out that the so-called 'Devil Doll' is presented in a more deconstructed way, and is now defending identity matters. In the series, that is being broadcasted through the Syfy Channel and the Hulu platform, his child identifies as non-binary.

Chucky is not to judge the identity of others

This isn't actually new to Child's Play franchise. It was in Seed of Chucky (2004) when his child, Glen (or Glenda), finds themself having an identity conflict. At some point in the film, they dress in their mother's clothes and wear her makeup.

This reference was taken as a cue by the Syfy and USA Network series who decided to deal with the subject of inclusion once again more consciously. Chucky accepts that he has a 'son' who recognizes as "they/them," without being classified as a defined gender.

"You know, I have a queer son," Chucky says at one point to the series' protagonist, a teenage boy named Jake. He completes the dialogue by indicating that he is "gender fluid" and revealing that despite being a serial killer, they are "not a monster."

What is it to be a non-binary gender person?

Being non-binary refers to gender identities that recognize themselves as not having particular feminine or masculine traits. That is, not being male or female. They use neutral pronouns to identify themselves; something that has caused a lot of controversies when using "they/them."

Non-binary people should not always have androgynous or feminine looks. They live outside the binary gender norms of being male or female, masculine and feminine.

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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