Everything You Need To Know Before Watching Deadpool 2

Rotten Tomatoes has rated it Fresh with a score of 84%. Before you head to the movie theaters to laugh at the funniest superhero ever, here are some things you should know about Deadpool.

Before Deadpool hit theaters in 2016, few people really knew who the villain-turned-superhero really was. I mean, when the movie was first announced not only did few fans show interest in the action film, but also regular folks hadn’t even heard a thing about who this Marvel character was. In fact, he was often confused with other superheroes, mainly because he looks like a bizarre version of Spiderman (my dad’s opinion). But the response from the audience after watching the movie was the total opposite: everyone loved Deadpool. With a sarcastic and dark sense of humor, violence, and a nice love story, this film broke all expectations and even managed to get a sequel. Deadpool 2 (2018) is coming to theaters on May 18th, 2018, and here’s what you need to know before going to watch everyone's new favorite Marvel hero.

Deadpool is part of the X-Men Saga, not the Avengers one

Although Deadpool is not a mutant, he's not an Avenger either. The two can be easily confused, and the original comics actually used to mix everyone up with other superheroes' editions. But the Marvel Cinematic Universe decided to separate both sagas for now, especially since The Avengers is more organized and actually follows a storyline, whereas X-Men is all over the place. Regardless of that, you’ll find a lot of references to X-Men and even new mutants on this film.

The Villain: He came from the future!

Nathan Summers (Cable) is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (a Clone of Jean Grey, aka Phoenix). He was sent to the future hoping to be cured from a lethal, organic, techno virus, which The First Mutant had infected him with when he kidnapped him. Of course, we know this from the comics, in addition to the fact that he was supposed to come back to the present in order to command the X-Men’s junior team, the New Mutants. But we don't know what will happen in the actual movie. What you need to know is that he was able to control the virus, which we can see he still has and has become a cyborg with telepathic abilities. Why is he after the kid, though? We’ll find out when we watch the movie.

Meet the gang

From the trailer we are told that Deadpool is forming a “Super Duper Fucking Group” of superheroes known as “X Force” –Deadpool came up with the name– in order to save a kid named Russell from Cable’s plans. In the film, we’ll see familiar characters like Vanessa, the girlfriend; Weasel, owner of Sister Margaret’s bar, where mercenaries get their gigs; Negasonic Teenage Warhead; and Colossus, the metal-armored and sweet X-Man. In addition to those, we’ll be introduced to: Russell, a kid whose purpose and powers are unknown; Domino, not a mutant but just a lucky lady whose power is … luck; Pure Bedlam, a martial arts expert with super strength; Shatterstar, powers still unknown; Zeitgeist, powers still unknown; and Peter, just a normal guy who saw the recruitment ad on LinkedIn.

There's a huge marketing campaign

We know Marvel isn’t cheap when it comes to producing a movie –with the amount of money they get out of each one, why would they?– but this time they really invested a lot on marketing for Deadpool 2 (2018). They even got Celine Dion to do a special video soundtrack for the film. I have put all of them in here for you, some are really funny and not necessarily have anything to do with the actual story, but that’s the essence of the character: odd, weird, sarcastic, and brutally funny.

Teaser: Wet on Wet

Teaser: No Good Deed

Teaser: Celine Dion – Ashes

Teaser: Beat It Spiderman

Teaser: Pink Suit


Deadpool has been called the most anticipated hero movie of the year, even though Avengers: Infinity War (2018) was released earlier this year. So, what can we expect? Well, Rotten Tomatoes has already given the film with an 84% rating, and it seems like Ryan Reynolds won’t let us down in his portrayal of the sarcastic superhero we love.


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