Messed up Disney couples we should stop seeing as relationship goals

Disney taught us for years what romantic love should look like, but they just gave us really messed up couples.

As one of the most important movie studios in the world, Disney has successfully managed to keep itself relevant while changing the narrative of its stories to respond to today’s current ideals and moral standards. It’s no secret that Disney’s classic stories can be quite problematic on so many levels and subjects; call it representation, lack of diversity, the reinforcement of misogynistic views, toxic relationships, and so many others.

Still, even when their creatives have managed to veer from these attitudes and have delivered powerful stories, there’s something about classics that keep alluring new and old generations, as well as toxic attitudes that still need to change. One of them is relationships and how they’re portrayed.


So if you still yearn for that fairy tale love story or if you still consider Disney as the producer of great love stories, you might want to reconsider. Here are the most messed up Disney couples we all should stop seeing as relationship goals.

Naveen and Tiana

Girl! Changing for an arrogant and selfish dude when you’re literally one of the few characters with so many things to look up for is just lame.


Ariel and Eric

I’ll never stop saying it, STOP THINKING ARIEL AND ERIC’S STORY IS RELATIONSHIP GOALS. She’s a minor, case closed. Next!

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

Though Eugene is one of my Disney crushes, we have to accept that he’s kind of an abuser. I mean the guy knows this young woman has been locked up in a tower, meaning she has no experience in socializing (let alone love), and still he jumps into the relationship just like that. And girl Rapunzel, you’re out, live, meet new people, go to therapy!


Tarzan and Jane

Again, extraordinary film and music, but the same issue as the one before. Let people who have been deprived of socializing alone!

Belle and Beast

What was on with Disney and Stockholm syndrome? Seriously?

Esmeralda and Phoebus

Though I love Esmeralda with all my heart, let’s just accept that she just went for the white good-looking guy without hesitating. And Phoebus is cool but there’s no chemistry there.


Nala and Simba

Omitting the fact that they’re likely brothers, they haven’t seen each other in (I wanna say) years, and all of a sudden they fall for each other while fooling around during one romantic song? That’s all lust! Which is fine... what were we talking about? Oh, yeah, that’s not love, and they’re probably siblings.

Pocahontas and John Smith

This movie is problematic in so many ways and what makes everything worse is that love story. In real life, she was forced to marry and when she met John Smith, she was just a girl. Great songs though.


I won’t even go back to Snow White and Aurora and the non-concensual kisses they received because we all know by now that’s messed up.

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