These Are Our Favorite "Game Of Thrones" Couples

These Are Our Favorite "Game Of Thrones" Couples

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Here are the best couples ever on "Game of Thrones" that have left their mark and whose relationships inspire us to find true love.

Game of Thrones' final season has reminded us of everything we've witnessed on the show's previous seven seasons—the characters and situations that left us in tears time and time again. Death, betrayal, wars, white walkers and, of course, romance, all feature in the emotional roller coaster that this series has been. And love couldn't be absent in the story written by George R. R. Martin, adapted for television by HBO. 

The couples we saw in the early seasons are not quite the same as the couples we find on the latter ones. And we simply can't tell what's going to happen by the show's end. That's why we give you a list of our current favorite couples on Game of Thrones.

Careful: Spoilers Ahead!


Daenerys + Khal Drogo 

Daenerys Targaryen's hand in marriage is "offered" as a strategic tribute to the leader of the Dothraki, Khal Drogo, as a way to cement an allegiance. They never imagined they would become a powerful couple with great influence over Essos, even though Daenerys was deemed an outsider to the tribe. 

game of thrones best romantic couples@lightwood.morgensternWitchcraft spoils Khal Drogo's life and, as an act of mercy, Dany prefers to kill him rather than see the love of her life suffer in a near-vegetative state. A short-lived—but intense—romance.

Jon Snow + Ygritte

Much like with Dany and Drogo, the beginning of Jon and Ygritte's relationship is not romantic at all. After all, Jon is tasked with killing Ygritte, but he fails to do so. Together they get lost in the frozen wastes, and the cold forces them to get… cuddly. But Ygritte is a wildling and Jon a member of the Night's Watch, so their relationship seemed socially doomed to of thrones best romantic couples@marlalannister

Regardless of whether they could have made it together otherwise, Ygritte dies in the arms of her beloved Jon after Castle Black is attacked. She is shot in the back with a bow by another member of the Watch. But real life is another story. There, the actors that play these unfortunate characters, Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, actually fell in love on set and got married in 2018. A happy ending after all.

Catelynn + Ned Stark

The heads of the Stark family are the epitome of unity and love during the show's first episodes. The two lead a relatively peaceful life until Ned is summoned by King Robert Baratheon—the event that sets things in motion. The first to go is Ned, beheaded on the orders of Joffrey. Cat dies a few seasons later during the Red of thrones best romantic couples@michellefairleys

Renly + Loras

Renly is King Robert Baratheon's youngest brother, and Loras is the Knight of the Flowers, and they both lead a stable relationship from years before the show's events first take place. Their love comes to a tragic end after Renly is killed by black magic. Loras dies years later, as one of the many casualties of Cersei's evil plan to rid herself of her enemies with of thrones best romantic couples@rosariodex


Grey Worm + Missandei

Grey Worm is a footsoldier bred for war, who, like the rest of the Unsullied, was stripped of his genitals to focus exclusively on combat. Missandei is the slave-turned-interpreter at the service of Daenerys. She also becomes Dany's close companion. Their relationship remains strong—and inspiring—to this point, but who knows what the future of thrones best romantic couples@got_fanclub

Robb Stark + Talisa Maegyr

Robb is the eldest son of House Stark and had given his word to marry one of Walder Frey's daughters. He was effectively betrothed to House Frey in order to secure a strategic passage for his troops during the civil war against the Lannisters. When Robb went and broke his promise by marrying Talisa instead, Frey seemed to have forgiven of thrones best romantic couples@lovetvlove

Robb and Talisa are deeply in love, happily married, and awaiting a child when they receive a wedding invitation taking place in Frey's hall. During the festivities, Robb and Talisa, along with Robb's men, his direwolf, and his mother, Catlyn, are all murdered. This bloody episode came to be known as the Red Wedding. 

Jaime + Brienne

Please, people. Did you really think Jaime and Cersei, HIS SISTER, were a good match?! Jaime and Brienne belong together and we all know it. They both love fighting and they have both been through A LOT. Together, of thrones best romantic couplesgame of thrones best romantic couples@movieraker

Sam + Gilly

Sam and Gilly weren't supposed to happen. He's from the Night's Watch, after all. However, Sam rescues Gilly from her sick father/baby daddy and decides to raise little Sam as his own son. This might as well be the the longest relationship so far, so we love them for their stability and also non-toxic relationship.

game of thrones best romantic couples@world.gameofthrones

Rhaegar + Lyanna

Perhaps the most important couple in the entire Game of Thrones universe. Their romance, which official Westerosi history regarded as the abduction and rape of Lyanna Stark by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen was, in fact, a brief and tragic, but intense romance that kickstarted a war and led to the events where we first found the main characters. This romance also gave us one of our favorite characters, long thought to be Ned Stark's son, but who was actually the true heir to the Iron of thrones best romantic couples@shewolf_5


Oberyn + Ellaria

Oberyn and Ellaria fascinated us when they showed us what free love could be like in Westeros. Not only are they both bisexual and totally cool with it, but Oberyn, a prince, also disregards etiquette and has chosen Ellaria Sand, a bastard not of noble birth, as his partner with whom he has fathered several children. game of thrones best romantic couples@shewolf_5

Myrcella + Trystane

game of thrones best romantic couples@princess_cellaWe hardly knew you either of you. Their end came way too soon, but at least we had a glimpse of teenage love.

Translated by Oliver G. Alvar

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