5 Game Of Thrones Predictions After "The Last Of The Starks"

5 Game Of Thrones Predictions After "The Last Of The Starks"

By: Santiago Gonzalez -

Bearing in mind the events of "The Last of the Starks", here are some of our takeaways and predictions for the final two episodes of this epic HBO series.

We're past midseason and knots do not appear to be tying in "The Last of the Starks", episode 4 of Game of Thrones. Some characters have had a happy ending, but others seem to be knee deep in trouble. Here are some of our takeaways and predictions for the final two episodes of this epic HBO series.

1. This show was never about magic

When we were first introduced to Westeros, the White Walkers were not much more than a legend, folk tales, superstition. Dragons had been extinct for hundreds of years. The world was solid all the way through. The whole show was like a medieval version of House of Cards. But as the narrative advanced Westerosis became more accustomed to magic. White walkers, zombies, dragons, the Red Witch birthing shadows that could kill people, Thoros bringing Beric Dondarrion back to life, Bran traveling back in time, wildlings controlling animals etc., etc. game of thrones predictions season 8@peterdinklageThis season, however, the magic is nearly gone. The Night King was killed so easily it was kind of a disappointment. Melisandre appeared only to close her narrative arc thus taking with her the entire Lord of Light narrative, Rhaegal was shot and killed mid flight without so much as a warning and now we’re down to one dragon, but chances are we’ll be left with none. Hell, even Ghost is sent away. Which takes us back to square one: a world full of scheming, politics, and a game of thrones.  

2. Arya, The Hound and Jaime Are All On Revenge Mode

The Hound has never been exactly a festive type, but on this episode he was particularly not in the mood. Then we see him heading to King’s Landing with no intention to come back. My guess is, just as the show has been foreshadowing and just as fans predicted, the Hound is on a path towards Cleganebowl. In other words, he’s set on killing his brother, The Mountain, once and for all. 5 Game Of Thrones Predictions After The Last Of The Starks 1@amiezweckerIn much the same way, Jaime heads off to Redemptionville via King’s Landing. Jaime acknowledges he’s a terrible man and he’s right. Even if he did clean up this past season, he’s got a lot to atone for. After all, Lannisters always pay their debts. Cersei once said that, given that they are twins, Jaime and her had shared a womb together, that they belonged together, that they had come to this world together. It only makes sense that they’ll also leave it together. Who better to end it than him?

Meanwhile, Arya still has some trained assassin things to do, even if most people on her list are already dead. Interestingly enough, both the Mountain and Cersei are on it, so… is she to take it away from Jaime and the Hound? Maybe.

3. Something’s rotten in the State of Westeros

It might seem obvious that something has been rotten for a while, but episode 4 made it really clear that something is rotten even within the alliance of the quote un-quote good guys. To make it more simple, let’s agree there are currently three teams right now: Team Cersei (mainly Lannisters, Euron’s Ironborn forces, and the Golden Company), Team Daenerys (Yara’s Ironborn forces and Dornish armies) and Team Sansa (Northern Forces, and the Vale), temporarily aligned with Daenerys.


game of thrones predictions season 8@the_iron_throneeHowever, things are not looking good for this alliance. The Starks don’t like nor trust Daenerys, but she doesn’t even care, her mind is fixed on the throne. To make matters worse, back in Winterfell everyone seems to be crazy about Jon. He’s a great fighter, he’s a fair leader, and it helps that he came back from the dead. Daenerys knows she’s not popular in the North and that if the word gets out, she’s done. The people will want Jon as King. So she begs Jon not to tell anyone. Jon, of course, tells Sansa and Arya. With that, Jon’s true identity is known by 8 people, including Sansa, Tyrion and Varys who have openly discussed treason. The game is on.


game of thrones predictions season 8@peterdinklage

4. Tyrion will fall

Tyrion is the character who is most conflicted and caught between all of the teams: Cersei is his sister even if their relationship is… complicated. Aside from having been married to Sansa, Tyrion has seen she’s become just as good as he at playing politics and he's therefore agreeing with her and her suspicions. But he once truly believed in Dany, whom he is currently committed to as Hand. Yet, he’s made bad decision after bad decision, and when he does make a good decision, he’s utterly ignored. Chances are Tyrion will betray Daenerys and will be given hell for it. 5 Game Of Thrones Predictions After The Last Of The Starks 2@cinemaniacs23

  1. Daenerys Is Definitely Going Mad Queen On Everyone

Daenerys is about to lose it. She knows her entire life has been a lie. She’s not the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Jon is. She’s come all this way only to find out it’s been for nothing. But she’s not having it! Dany ignores Sansa’s plea to wait some time before attacking Cersei, and ignores both Varys and Tyrion’s advice NOT to waste innocent lives by attacking King’s Landing, though she does concede to an attempt at a siege of the capital, and then to dialogue with Cersei. Then Cersei executes Missandei and Daenerys makes the face of someone who is about to really lose their shit.


game of thrones predictions season 8@wtf_wheresthefilmContext: let’s not forget Daenerys is the daughter of Aerys, the Mad King, the one who burned Ned Stark's father and brother alive and then commanded Jaime to “burn them all,” as in burn the entire city.

Prediction: Fans have guessed this for some time now, but what I now think is that Daenerys will turn into the Mad Queen and will actually burn every living soul in the city unless someone stops her. But who?