This Was Definitely "The Long Night," A Game Of Thrones Recap

This Was Definitely "The Long Night," A Game Of Thrones Recap

By: Santiago Gonzalez -

Go ahead and crank up your TV's brightness because this is the battle of light against the dark.

“The Long Night” is by far the most action-filled episode not just for the epic battle that involved fighting at night (much to worldwide viewers’ complaints. Really crank up the brightness on your TV cause not all of the scenes are seen clearly). The episode was written by the creators of the show themselves, the guys who started it all: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. And it was directed by Miguel Sapochnik, who also directed the “Battle of the Bastards”, the most epic battle in television history until now.

All soldiers faithful to the North and Targaryens get ready for the undead army. While they all stand in position, Melisandre comes on horseback from the darkness (as she were returning from a walk in the park) and tells Jorah to instruct the Dothraki to lift their swords. Then, she reaches for the closest sword to her, grabs it, says magic words and the sword lights on fire. All Dothraki swords light up by domino effect, creating a visual spectacle of an Army of fire ready to approach the long night.

As the Dothraki ride towards the darkness with their battle cries, Brienne, in the front lines, watches as the Dothraki disappear into the night. Their battle screams are silenced, their swords are put out.

After moments of unnerving silence, some of their horses return, without their riders. Soon, though, some survivors start coming back. Grey worm puts his helmet on and a wave of millions of undead attack the entire army pretty much razing the first lines. The Great Battle of Winterfell is on.

Suddenly Daenerys commands Drogon to burn the place up, basically saving everyone. 

game of thrones season 8 episode 3 the long night recapThough everyone is pretty much prepared, the episode is a chronicle of the entire battle. As you could expect, nothing goes as planned. The army of zombies break through the lines, forcing the North and Targaryen army to retreat to the castle, but naturally, zombies being zombies, they manage to climb the walls, and break the doors.

We’ve seen some of the characters show off their battle skills, but for those we haven’t seen, this is the episode to watch. Arya gets to use the weapon she herself design and we see her kick some undead butt. Jorah is the best at fighting, really living up to House Mormont name. Jaime, Brienne, and Theon hadn’t quite fought before and we saw them do it against thousands of undead.

Meanwhile, along with other people, Sansa and Tyrion await while they share a “what if” moment of their relationship. Outside, though, the battle rages on. 


An undead giant breaks through the gate to swing a gigantic bat that hits several of the soldiers. Lady Mormont gets up, ready to face him but she's lifted by the giant who holds her like a doll in front of his face. He cracks her bones completely, but in a final moment, she manages to stick the dragonglass blade through the giant’s eye, instantly provoking his fall and dying the most honorable of deaths. RIP Little Bear.

Arya hides in the crypt in a horror-like scene where some undead are searching for her. When tens of these manage to break in and attack her, the Hound and Beric appear to save her until the three of them lock themselves inside a hall. Beric is wounded and totally dies for Arya when Melisandre suddenly appears (how’s she doing that?). After a brief exchange, Melisandre reminds Arya that she’s supposed to put out green eyes, brown eyes and...BLUE eyes. Arya totally gets it.

Outside, near in the Weirdwood tree, Theon and Bran await their turn when they get completely razed by the undead Then Vyserion and Rhagal start fighting midair, biting each off like siblings, when suddenly the Night King falls off his dragon. On the ground, the Night King finds himself alone, and Daenerys, on top of Drogon sees her chance and has a face-off with him. Dracarys! Drogon makes fire rain on the Night King but when the fire runs out, the Night King appears from the flames, smirking. Daenerys is totally like “screw this, I’m out” and totally flies off.

game of thrones season 8 episode 3 the long night recap

Alone, Jon Snow also sees his chance, he unsheathes his sword and runs towards the Night King, who turns slowly. Then he lifts both his arms and all of the thousands of dead open their blue eyes. Jon finds himself completely surrounded and misses his chance to kill the Night King. Jaime, Brienne, Greyworm, Tormund, Gendry, all find themselves surrounded by the undead. The people sheltered at the crypts then become fish in a barrel when the dead from the Stark crypts break out of their graves. Horror ensues. But Sansa and Tyrion each have a dragonglass dagger. They look at each other tenderly, Tyrion kisses her hand, and they march off to save as many people as they can. 

Then the other White walkers come in, though. With all of the Ironborn dead, Theon and Bran stand alone against the Night King, but in a final honorable act, Theon throws himself at him, though he is killed almost instantly. 

Alone in his wheelchair, Bran stares blankly as the Night King approaches him. Jon dodges and ducks all over the castle as Vyserion destroys everything that is left.  Epic music begins to play in the background. All characters are cornered. It’s over.

Bran looks up and sees the Night King staring back at him. Jon chooses to face Viserion, who opens his mouth wide about to smoke Jon. Daenerys, sword in hand, is left alone with Jorah fighting the undead, and Brienne, and the rest are trapped and cornered by a horde of zombies. Brienne, Jaime, Sam, Grey Worm are nearly buried under a multitude of zombies. 

game of thrones season 8 episode 3 the long night recap

As the Night King is about to grab his sword to kill Bran, Arya appears in air thrusting the Valyrian steel dagger at him. The Night King turn lifts Arya by the neck, but as the dagger falls, Arya manages to catch it with her right hand and stab the Night King, who breaks into thousands of ice pieces. Every undead then falls.

Winterfell is in ruins. There are thousands of dead corpses scattered around. But most main characters have survived. As the sun is rising, Melisandre walks out of the castle followed by Ser Davos, determined to kill her. She takes her magi necklace off, becoming an old lady and dying in the snow.


This is the epic battle we've all been waiting for and as we had previously anticipated, many of the characters' arc finished during this season. Perhaps it was surprising how many characters still survive. A true WTF moment was that Arya held the key to finishing the White Walkers all along. What is now left? The battle for Westeros with Cersei becoming THE villain of this season. 

Death list:

All Dothrakis

Edd (now his watch has ended)

Lady Mormont

Beric Dondarrion

Theon Greyjoy


Jorah Mormont

The Night King

All of the previously killed Starks



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