15 Halloween Movies For Kids That Will Make You Laugh

15 Halloween Movies For Kids That Will Make You Laugh

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15 de octubre, 2018

Movies 15 Halloween Movies For Kids That Will Make You Laugh
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Por: Oliver G. Alvar

15 de octubre, 2018

Take a look at these great movies if you want to spend a Halloween laughing like a kid!

What a great holiday Halloween is when you're a kid. Most people have countless fond memories of our costumes and comedy-horror movie nights from before we could even walk straight. Sure, adults enjoy it too, but there's nothing like the fun, wonder and amazement children get when trick-or-treating or enjoying nighttime horror stories. All that joy is intensified by the fact that everything seems to be bigger than life (especially holidays) when young. Horror seems more terrifying and comedy is that much funnier. With that in mind, here are the best movies to capture that unique Halloween magic specifically for when you're in the mood to have a few laughs like when you were a kid. Not all of them are about Halloween, mind you, but they are certainly great to watch during the festivity!

Coco (2017)

An exceptional display of colors and beautiful animations is perfectly complemented with a heartwarming story about a boy who goes into the magical Land of the Dead during the Day of the Dead festivities to find a shocking truth about his family. This award-winning Pixar film was an instant classic and will surely be loved by children for generations to come. And you can learn a lot about the internationally beloved Mexican tradition from it as well, laughing a lot in the process.

Monster House (2006)

After discovering that a neighboring house is actually a living monster who drags all unsuspecting strollers into its depths, three friends must do their best to stop it from terrorizing the whole neighborhood. A lovable comedy full of funny situations and dialogues that you and your kids (or your inner child) will surely love.

Coraline (2009)

What kid doesn’t wish for a world in which adults are fun and loving all the time? That’s exactly what Coraline got after she discovered the passage to a parallel dimension where all her dreams came true. But she soon discovers that not everything is as it seems, and the price of unrestricted fun could be too high to pay. A surreal film from the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, this one is sure to leave kids thinking after a thrilling ride full of laughs and wonder.

Casper (1995)

Based on the adorable cartoon character "Casper The Friendly Ghost," this fun family film tells the story of a very lonely child who, as a ghost with unfinished business, wanders in an old mansion along with his prankster uncles. When a girl arrives to live in the house with his father, Casper will do everything in his power to protect the living family from his dead relatives (and to make new friends, of course, which is all he ever wanted.) A sweet and funny story about love, friendship, and the dangers of the afterlife.

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

Hidden from the world, Hotel Transylvania is a place where monsters can relax and get away from humans. Dracula is in charge of running and protecting this monster haven, but when a young human finds it, the vampire is forced to dress him up as a monster and hide the incident while preventing his daughter from falling in love with the boy. The whole situation is hilarious, and a good script with memorable characters makes this film a fan favorite that has spawned two sequels!

Monsters Inc. (2001)

You know how scary a monster in the closet or under the bed is for children. But have you ever thought about what it's like for the monsters? This incredibly successful Pixar film captures the other side of the story and shows us the lives of the creatures who scared us when we were growing up —and why they do it! Turns out they have a very good reason. This film is an animated classic you can’t miss, and it has the signature mix of adult and children humor so everyone in the family can enjoy it. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

This is what happens when Halloween meets Christmas. Jack Skellington, known as the King of Halloween Town, finds a door leading to Christmas Town and, tired of endless Halloween celebrations, decides to explore the other holiday. He ends up kidnapping Santa Claus and creates a mess which he must ultimately fix. Through intelligent jokes and unforgettable musical numbers, this stop-motion film from the mind of Tim Burton will dazzle you.

Toy Story Of Terror (2014)

If you’re looking for a short, fun, and endearing Halloween special, you’re in luck. Produced by Pixar and Disney, this short-film follows the characters from Toy Story as they try to find Mr. Potato Head, who went missing after a flat tire forces Bonnie and her mother to spend the night in a motel. The ensuing chain of events is riddled with spooky and monstrous situations that Woody, Buzz, and Jessie must face for the sake of their friend. 

Corpse Bride (2005)

Victor is a shy and nervous young groom who accidentally proposes to a dead bride while practicing the vows for his upcoming wedding. She takes him to the Land of the Dead shortly afterwards to cement their relationship, and Victor must find a way to return to his home and reunite with the living woman he loves before it’s too late. Directed by Tim Burton, this original stop-motion film has something for all ages. 

The Haunted Mansion (2003)

Aimed at younger children, this film is a fun adaptation of the Disney World theme ride of the same name. Eddie Murphy stars as a realtor who visits a mansion he’s supposed to sell and... well, it turns out to be haunted. But not by your typical evil spirits: this time we get friendly ghosts who are just trying to break a curse. Poor guys!


Beetlejuice (1988)

A classic ever since it came out, this film gave us one of the most memorable Halloween characters ever to come out of the big screen. After a deceased couple discovers their new haunted residence is inhabited by living people, they call upon the charismatic Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) to help drive them out. A charming and funny film you won’t regret watching (or re-watching). 

Hocus Pocus (1993)

A young boy watching over his little sister accidentally resurrects the Sanderson Sisters, three witches from the Salem witch trials who come back with a vengeance. Watch Sara Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy wreak havoc in this ridiculously delightful Halloween adventure. 

Ghostbusters (1988)

A team of parapsychologists starts a business to detect, study, and deal with paranormal activity across the city. True to their name, their work is literally to bust ghosts, as they are called upon anytime someone has a ghostly problem around. They’ll come, assess, and eventually “vacuum” the supernatural being —so, yeah, they’re basically funny pest control guys. Young audiences love this classic, and if you —or your kid, if you have any— haven't been acquainted, or you fear a monster is looming in a room, then who are you going to call? That’s right, ghostbusters

Frankenweenie (2012)

A kid named Victor misses his best best friend, a Bull Terrier called Sparky. In an attempt to bring him back, Victor pulls a Dr. Frankenstein and uses electricity to resurrect him. His decision will bring scary consequences, but never too scary that kids wouldn’t be able to watch this enthralling black-and-white animated classic. 

Scooby-Doo (2002)

Scooby-Dooby-Doo! Where are you? Many of us grew up with these shouts as some of our favorite cartoon characters ran around solving mysteries and locking up bad guys. With the 21st century came a live action adaptation of the classic team of detectives and their unforgettable companion, the beloved talking canine Scooby-Doo. Whatever your evil plans might be, you would always get away with it if it were not for these meddling kids and their dog! 

Now you’re ready for your Halloween movie marathon. Don’t forget the popcorn and enjoy endless nights of fun and laughs with the whole family! 


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