'iCarly' Is Coming Back After 9 Years And The Trailer Looks Epic!

'iCarly' Is Coming Back After 9 Years And The Trailer Looks Epic!

By: Chabe Cara -

New iCarly’s trailer reveals Carly, Freddie, and Spencer will be back on our screens after a nine-year break with a more “grown-up” version of the Nickelodeon classic.

A couple of months ago, Paramount+ announced the reboot of one of the most beloved Nickelodeon classics: iCarly is coming back after a nine-year break. Finally, today, Paramount+ gave us a first look at the anticipated project showing us how our favorite gang has grown up in almost a decade!

Not only that! Besides our beloved characters and some new additions, the trailer promise to show us that hyped energy and comedy we loved, but in a more "grown-up" way. What does this mean? The trailer doesn’t really delve into this matter much since it centers more around bringing back the dynamics of Carly, her brother, and her always loyal friend/romantic interest Freddie. However, as Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) herself explains, the series will deal with more mature subjects… well, they’ll try at least!

icarly reboot series paramount trailer 2021Instagram: @mirandacosgrove

Dating, some swearing, and booze are some of the new additions to the iCarly reboot but don’t worry, as we could see on this first glimpse, we’ll be given that regular dose of nonsense we loved so much. I mean, we wouldn’t be expecting an all-serious Spencer, right?

Sadly for iCarly stans, things won’t be the same as Jennette McCurdy, the quirky and a bit aggressive Sam, won’t be coming back for the reboot. Some months ago, the former actress revealed she was quitting acting mainly because she had never liked it. Moreover, she confessed she felt embarrassed about most of her acting work. So we won't be seeing anything from Sam.

icarly reboot series paramount trailer 2021Instagram: @mirandacosgrove

So, although we don’t know what Sam’s faith was, she definitely left a vacant spot in Carly's life that's been filled with a new bestie called Harper, played by Laci Mosley. Other than that, we must say the show looks pretty much the same. Even the actors look quite similar than they used to by the end of the series! Which makes us wonder... where's Gibby?!

While we can’t wait to see what happened in this nine-year break, and what our favorite characters did in almost a decade, we can’t help but wonder what if the iCarly reboot proves there’s interest in seeing classic shows and characters in more mature situations? Could it prove to the executives we’d actually love seeing Lizzie McGuire in her thirties?

icarly reboot series paramount trailer 2021Instagram: @mirandacosgrove

Time will say, in the meantime, we’ll be able to enjoy the anticipated iCarly reboot next June 17 on Paramount+!

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