5 Independent Psychological Horror Films That Won't Let You Sleep

5 Independent Psychological Horror Films That Won't Let You Sleep

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By: Vania Villalon

March 28, 2017

Movies 5 Independent Psychological Horror Films That Won't Let You Sleep
Avatar of Vania Villalon

By: Vania Villalon

March 28, 2017

Independent films: those that not always capture the attention of a huge audience and are constantly overshadowed by big commercial productions. They're those movies that don't raise millions of dollars and aren't filled with expensive special effects. Given that they don't receive a lot of investment from big companies, they're mistakenly associated with low budget movies.  They may be overlooked and underfunded, but one thing is clear: their stories can be far richer and purer than any commercial monstrosity. 

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Indie culture offers the most creative proposals in the cinematographic field. These films give an alterative in terms of style, script content, and acting, so in a way they become an intellectual breath of fresh air for film lovers. Indie cinema incorporates an artisanal process, which allows its style to depict characters in a more human approach.

Bearing this in mind, if we add to this a hint of suspense and psychological horror, it's clear that the resulting films will spark our imagination and fuel our nightmares for days to come. 

If you love psychological thrillers, these are five films you can't miss. If horror and adrenaline are your drug of choice, then these film will get you hooked.  

Un Homme Idèal

Would you be willing to disappear?

This film by Yann Gozlan narrates the journey of Mathieu Vasseur, an apparently common guy, anxious for writing a huge story. Mathieu never imagined that it would be his own story that would dictate his destiny. In this thriller, love and power are his main inspiration and enemies. He must fight to achieve his life dream in a world he can't control.


Get Out

Chris Washington, a black man, is invited to meet his white girlfriend's parents. Trapped in a faraway town, Chris experiences the harms of racism taken into a complete sick level. A group of white people hypnotize black people to get rid of them. Will Chris escape from this hell? 

Goodnight Mommy

A pair of 10-year-old twin brothers, Elias and Lukas, are freaking out because their mother, who has recently gotten a facial surgery, is acting weirdly. What unsettles the brothers the most is how she deliberately ignores Lukas. Convinced that she's not their real mother, they trap the woman and torture her until she explains what's going on. The explanation will shock you. 

Green Room

What would you be willing to do to survive?

Masterfully directed and with interpretations that will give you goosebumps, Green Room is a suspense Indie thriller that will make you bite your nails. It's the story of a punk rock band formed by young people who, without knowing it, will do their last performance of their careers... or of their lives. The dressing room after the show will turn into a panic room.

Under the Skin

Are all men the same?

If you consider yourself an avid feminist, you can't miss this Indie film of the last season. Scarlett Johansson stars in this sci-fi horror thriller in which you have to decipher what lies behind the facade of the protagonist. A movie filled with silences and sensorial images that you can't miss.


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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards