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4 Movies About NYC That Will Make You Fall In Love With It All Over Again

Por: Maria Suarez 28 de septiembre de 2017

There’s something romantic about cities. I’m not saying that a small town or a suburb cannot be setting to a film about falling in and out of love, or anything in between. But, perhaps it’s their chaotic, unpredictable, loud, and uncomfortable nature that makes us relate it to romance. Because love is exactly that. Yet the one city that is a constant protagonist and witness to the ups and downs of lovers is definitely New York.

Think of all the classic films we relate with NYC: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, An Affair to Remember, Manhattan, Barefoot in the Park, When Harry Met Sally, as well as the myriad of movies starring either Barbara Streisand or Tom Hanks. The city is the setting, but it’s also the catalyst for these impossible situations that somehow make us believe there is such a possibility as finding love in this strange screwed up world. Think about it; you’re less likely to believe two people, usually one being a realist and the other an idealist, wandering through a less mythical town and finding metaphors and icons on every other corner.

New York, being the melting pot that it is, also allows for the possibility of two very different people, from opposite backgrounds and lives, to meet in the most coincidental and bizarre ways. The following are recent indie movies that have made us believe in the chance that love is real while also capturing the magical essence of the city that never sleeps.

Before We Go (2014), Chris Evans

Two people share an unlikely connection at Grand Central Station. She’s from Boston and has been mugged just after missing her train. He’s a busker short on cash. As they go from place to place dealing with her unsolved issues with her husband and his refusal to confront his past, they find in each other the perfect person to confide their secrets, fears, and desires, even if it’s for just one night.

Obvious Child (2014), Gillian Robespierre

Sometimes you feel your life is going nowhere. On a night out you meet a random stranger you like and you go home with them, hoping to never cross paths again. But, what happens when you realize a month later that you’re pregnant? Instead of going for the oversimplified storyline, this film deals with the realities of life. Because life is not that simple, it’s a complicated mess. Usually, finding someone who can walk with us through the confusion of it all is all we need.

Tramps (2016), Adam Leon

Young love and crime, who knew it went so well? In this film our protagonists find each other because they’re working different parts in a seedy exchange. However, there’s a mix-up that leads them on a wild goose chase up and down trains through the city and its outskirts. Despite the shady nature of the job, the two leads find themselves wrapped in a sweet and innocent tryst.

Amira and Sam (2014), Sean Mullin

The city is a matchmaker for romance you’d never think possible. In this movie an Iraqi Immigrant and a soldier who’s recently returned stateside from the Middle East are thrown in together by a series of circumstances. Despite a slight attraction to each other, everything changes when she’s caught by immigration officers, which leads to them spending more time together and falling in love. It’s a story about how nobody can predict romance; it just happens against what anybody thinks or believes.

These films have the ability to transport us to the city where people have been arriving with a suitcase full of dreams for centuries. It’s in this fairytale land where everything is possible, even when logic denies it. Each of these movies has amazing views of different boroughs of New York City and their quirks. Take a vacation without leaving home and fall in love all over again.

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