7 Indie Short Films That Prove Love Messes With Our Minds

7 Indie Short Films That Prove Love Messes With Our Minds

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By: Alonso Martínez

March 29, 2017

Movies 7 Indie Short Films That Prove Love Messes With Our Minds
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By: Alonso Martínez

March 29, 2017

The fearful passage of their death-marked love
Which, but their children’s end, naught could remove,
Is now the two hours' traffic of our stage—
The which, if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.
Romeo and Juliet Prologue

We know all lives must come to an end, but the companion that holds the skeletal hand of the Grim Reaper is none other than love. The most powerful and perhaps dangerous emotion mankind is capable of feeling is deeply tied to the end of all things. Hundreds of broken hearts depart from this world every year, leaving behind confusion and even more heartache. Life is a fearful passage we all must take, and to fill the void and ease the fear of the unknown, we rely on the arts. Literature and cinema are our silent companions who hold our hands and help us understand the different facets of life as we approach its end. 

indie short films love

Indie cinema is full of tragic stories and characters that must deal with the heavy burden of depression and who have suffered the loss of a significant other. These young filmmakers deliver honest films that illustrate the agony suffered by those who fall head over heels and must later on face the cold reality. 
Short films are a powerful tool for hey explain in a nutshell how love and madness can take over our minds before we even know it.

Some Boys Don't Leave (2009) by Maggie Kiley

indie short films love eisenberg
In some cases, people cannot help feeling that the person they broke up with still forms an important part of their lives. This is a 15-minute short film with surreal undertones. It focuses on a young man (Jesse Eisenberg) who refuses to leave the house he shared with his ex-girlfriend, although she is sick of him and wants him to leave as soon as possible. As weeks go by, the pain grows. The story and its minimalist setting remind us of the sorrow that comes with the death of a relationship.

Mourir Auprès de Toi (2011)  by Spike Jonze

indie short films love die by your side
Directed by melancholy genius, Spike Jonze, Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side) is an adorable stop-motion animation. The characters are book covers that are brought to life. Hamlet's corpse falls in love with a young woman and sets out on a perilous and crazy adventure, in his attempt to get closer to her. The film pays homage to the power of literature and is one of Jonze's best works. The film is imbued with a nostalgic style and music plays a center role, very much like his other videos.  

No me ama (She Doesn't Love me) (2010) by Martín Piroyansky 

indie short films love she doesnt love me

A young couple sets out on a journey. On the surface, they seem to have the perfect bond but it turns out that the only problem is that —according to the protagonist— she doesn't love him. A poignant 20 minute story of how one falls in and out of love. 

We Were Once a Fairytale (2009) by Spike Jonze

indie short films love kanye
Starring Kanye West as himself, this short film deals with the excess of self-love and the madness that it can cause. This is probably the rapper's most honest work. We see him in a party where no one recognizes him despite his brash attempts for attention. The man starts to sink in depression and contemplates the possibility of ending his own life. What he doesn't know is that his suicide attempt will lead to consequences and even greater follies. 

Symmetry (2014) by Yann Pineill

indie short films love symmetry
As its name suggests, Symmetry is an ode to symmetry. This is a palindromic short film, that is, you can watch it from beginning to end and the other way around. Thus, it tells two stories using the same images. It maintains a visual balance accompanied by the perfect music to convey sorrow, abandonment, and confusion caused by human relationships. 

I'm Here (2010) by Spike Jonze

indie short films love spike jonze here

Robots also have the capacity to love. Regarded as the best short film by Her's director, this story follows Sheldon, who leads a boring life looking at the world through nostalgic and grieving eyes until Francesca —his potential soul mate— crosses his path. We witness the sweet preamble to their relationship, how despite their doubts, they gather enough courage to have a romance. Like most of Jonze's works, the film has an unexpected twist reminding us that fantasy does not exist and all good things must come to an end.

How They Get There (1997) by Spike Jonze

indie short films love how they get here
How They Get There
is a short story that reveals the absurdities of immediate passion and shows how it can ruin people's lives in just an instant. A boy and a woman fall in love at first sight and come up with various hilarious flirting moves as a way to seduce each other. Happiness is transformed into tragedy when they have to open their eyes to the real world, showing that love only exists in people's minds.

Love is a twisting labyrinth and with every turn we take we become lost and forget our starting point.  Left or right? Which side can you take? Love has the power to make you lose track of time and of your own self. It is no wonder people say "love kills."
Translated by Andrea Valle Gracia

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