People Magazine Crowns Jennifer Lopez As 2019's Biggest Hustler

People Magazine Crowns Jennifer Lopez As 2019's Biggest Hustler

By: Zoralis Pérez -

Jennifer Lopez had an amazing 50th year and showed everyone that "the key is not giving up."

Very few people - famous or not - can say that the year they turned fifty was the best year of their lives. For most, the number 50 can be incredibly scary because it is a milestone year that forces us to reckon with what we’ve achieved so far and what we want to do with the next chapter of our lives. 

But if there’s one person in the world who turned fifty this year and is clearly having the best time of her life, it’s Jennifer Lopez. Not only is she in amazing physical shape (clapping back at all the ageist haters who think women automatically lose all appeal after the age of forty), but she is also very happy in her personal life after getting engaged to Alex Rodriguez, and she is also having a great year professionally, having starred in the critically-acclaimed Hustlers and having embarked on a super successful musical world tour. 

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With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that she made it onto People Magazine’s 2019 People of the Year list, appearing on the special edition’s cover as well. The photo encapsulates the glory of Jennifer Lopez’s 2019: she looks up into the light with a joyful, almost giddy expression, in a cloud of dusty pink tulle with the words “The Year My Dreams Came True” in the foreground. 

Lopez shares the honor of being on People Magazine’s list with other amazing women like actress Jennifer Aniston and former First Lady Michelle Obama, but for many, the title of “winner of 2019” belongs to her and her only. And while there will always be people who won’t think much of a famous celebrity getting even more recognition, we can’t help but feel proud of Lopez and the inspiring story of her humble beginnings on “the block” in the Bronx to global stardom thanks to perseverance and sheer hard work. 

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For that reason, celebrating her achievements as she turns fifty and continues to conquer the world is also a celebration of the Latin-American community, empowered women, and how hard work can really make our dreams come true. As the caption on her Instagram post announcing her People cover: “To me, the message of the year is that we’re limitless.”