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New Working Title of ‘Joker 2′ and Its Relation to William Shakespeare

Por: Kate Nateras16 de enero de 2023

The new working title of ‘Joker 2′ has been leaked and could be a reference to the protagonist’s romance with Harley Quinn.

The new working title of Joker 2 has been leaked and, as in the first film, it could also be related to William Shakespeare. As we know, this sequel has been one of the most anticipated, after the huge success that the first one, directed by Todd Phillips, obtained in 2019. It was considered one of the greatest works of the director, as well as of the protagonist, Joaquin Phoenix, who had a specific physical and mental preparation to play one of the best villains of superhero stories.

The first film brought together very striking elements that made the movie even more attractive, among these, its second title: Romeo. For the Joker sequel, a working title has also been released and continues the tradition of referencing William Shakespeare.

The Working Title of Joker 2

Through social networks, an image was leaked from somewhere on the set of Joker 2 where you can see the logo of the film, Joker and Harley Quinn dancing. Previously, Todd Phillips announced that the title of Joker 2 is Folie à Deux, a French expression that has as literary translation “madness of two” or “shared madness” and refers to a strange syndrome shared between two people.

The provisional title of the sequel production is Juliet and its link with the first part sounds completely logical. It is the use of the names of Verona’s lovers to refer to what will happen in the new film since in this one Arthur will be interned in Arkham Asylum. If the script is adapted to the story of the comics, the protagonist will have a relationship with a psychiatrist.

As she begins to treat the villain, the woman will suffer a fascination for Arthur and fall in love with him, so she will choose to accompany him in his mental chaos. This is Harley Quinn, a character who will be played by Lady Gaga, so Juliet refers to the romance between the two characters.

When Will Joker 2 Be Released?

So far, Joker 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on October 4, 2024, and is estimated to be as successful or more successful than the first part, which had a budget of $55 million and over $1 billion at the box office.

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