This Is What You Need To Know About The Main Characters of Jurassic World: Dinosaurs!

How big were dinosaurs? What did they eat? Are all dinosaurs carnivorous? We walk you through the awesomeness of Jurassic Worlds dinosaurs.

Since the release of the original Jurassic Park in 1993, we were invited to discover a world we could contemplate on illustrations based on the different paleontologic findings. Though, not quite scientifically accurate, for the first time we got to have at least a more realistic glimpse to what might have been the lives of these millenary creatures. In September, to celebrate its 25th anniversary, Jurassic Park will return to screens, so we will be able to enjoy the original film by Steven Spielberg.

There’s no doubt that this movie became a milestone in film history to the point that after two sequels during the nineties and early 2000s, the franchise made a return with the 2015 Jurassic World.

After a couple of years we’ll finally know what happens to this new set of characters but honestly, no matter how awesome Chris Pratt is, let’s face it, we’re here for the cool dinosaurs. So, if you want to know a bit more of some of the real stars of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, keep on reading.


This one’s perhaps the most famous dinosaur of all. Named because of his dominance and powerful position in the social scale, this fearsome cannibal is thought to have weight up to 9 metric tons, not to mention that according to fosiles it might have had a size of 15-12 ft. tall to 40 ft. long.



Literally meaning “meat-eating bull” the carnotaurus is making a debut appearance in the franchise. Considerably shorter and slimmer than the T-Rex (2 tons, 10 ft. tall, and 34 ft. long), the carnotaurus was a truly dangerous predator with sharp teeth, a long and strong tail, and a huge ability to run and jump really high.



This one amazed us in the previous film and this time it’s making a return as well. Though this isn’t precisely a dinosaur, this aquatic carnivorous reptile was feared in the depths of the Meuse rivers, thus the name. They weighed up to 28 tons and had an enormous size of 10 ft. tall to 55 ft. long.



These guys have appeared since the first movie (remember the scene in the kitchen) and in this new reboot, one of the most important ones is definitely Blue, the one that Owen Grady takes care of. Now, unlike what we’ve seen in the movies, it’s thought that velociraptors were actually quite small creatures compared to other dinosaurs (it’s said they actually had the size of a big turkey), and actually had feathers and a long bird-like tale.


Perhaps one of the most common creatures we picture when we listen to the word dinosaur, Brachiosaurus has basically appeared in all the movies of the franchise right at the beginning when everything is amazing and cool. This is because these humongous herbivores were really passive and relaxed. Their complexion of 56 tons, 40 f. tall, and 70 ft. long was seen as a real advantage for them since very few predators actually dared to attack such a big creature.


Ok, spoiler alert from the first movie, this isn’t a real dinosaur but one that in the movie was genetically engineered taking some genes from different species to create a really powerful dinosaur. It resembles the tyrannosaurus rex, but it has a more bony complexion. Besides that, it’s faster and way much bigger with a size of 40 ft. tall by 50 ft. long.


Obviously, what attracts us the most about these movies is seeing dinosaurs in their “environments” and not as a set of bones in a museum or random illustrations in books, and that’s the magic of the entire franchise of Jurassic Park. Of course, these are just a few of the many dinosaurs that appear in the movie, but it’s a great start to know a bit more of them before watching the film.


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