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Keanu Reeves could participate in “Ballerina,” the spin-off of John Wick

Por: Yazmín Veloz9 de noviembre de 2022

The Canadian actor is in talks to participate in this new production alongside Ana de Armas.

Undoubtedly, one of Keanu Reeves’ most popular characters is the one he plays in the John Wick franchise, which is about to premiere its fourth installment on March 23, 2024, to give a continuation to this story of an ex-hired assassin who is almost invincible.

Now, Collider has assured that Reeves will participate in Ballerina, the John Wick spin-off, which will star Ana de Armas. The specialized media reported that the actor is in Prague to join the filming of Ballerina, although it is not yet clear in which role Reeves will appear in the story.

Not only will the original franchise performer return, but Ian McShane, who plays Winston, the manager of the Continental Hotel, will also be part of the new film. It should be remembered that both Reeves’ and McShane’s characters are key to the entire saga.

“We are thrilled to have Ian McShane join us for a pivotal role in Ballerina. He’s been such an integral part of the franchise since the original film. It’s been fun to have him along for the ride as the [John] Wick universe expands,” said producer Basil Iwanyk in a statement.

What will Ballerina be about?

According to the film’s synopsis, the story will center on the Continental Hotel as an embassy of sorts. In it coexist a series of outlaws governed by “The Old Testament,” a code marked that respects everything but peace and kindness.

This is the place where different forces are at work concerning what its tenants are interested in: generating income at all costs. Now, the film will focus on the female lead, which will be played by acclaimed Cuban actress Ana de Armas, who has consolidated her career in Hollywood in films such as Blonde and James Bond.

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