5 Films That Show How Love Inspires You To ‘Come Out’

Coming out of the closet is a decision many members of the LGTBQ community struggle with. Its when they fall in love that they find a strong motive to be truth to themselves

Coming out of the closet is a personal decision people make whenever they are ready. This could take anything from a couple of years to decades. In some cases, folks won't reveal their secret until they find a good reason for people to know about their sexual preferences. Fear of prejudice and rejection paralyze people, but there's always be a pivotal moment that inspires the courage to take the first big step, and that is to fall in love with someone worth starting a new life with. When we fall in love with someone special, we can face our problems head on, secure in the fact that we have someone holding our hands. So, may these movies inspire you to take that first step and hold the hand of someone who admires, respects, and loves you and knows your true worth.




Maurice (1987) Dir. James Ivory

This movie is a classic and it's inspired by E. M. Foster's novel Maurice. It takes viewers back to the times where homosexuality was punishable by law. The plot takes place in 20th century England, where two Cambridge University classmates fall in love and must keep their relationship secret. This story is inspiring and heartbreaking, as you see social norms hinder the happiness of individuals and how they are forced to remain in the shadows.






My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) Dir. Stephen Frears

This hilarious yet touching film follows the life of Omar, a young teen London. He's a very positive and enthusiastic teen, but his dad turns out to be authoritarian with a particular dislike for western ideals and modernity.

Omar starts working in the family business and he comes across the opportunity to renovate the family's laundrette. He then decides to hire his childhood friend Johnny, who is a street punk. While they work together to repair the rundown laundrette, an attraction begins to spark, much to the despair of Omar's father. The main conflict revolves around this burgeoning relationship and how it must stand up to prejudiced and old fashioned viewpoints. It's a great film that is both comical and romantic.





God’s Own Country (2017) Dir. Francis Lee

This movie takes place in Yorkshire, where a farm family, composed of Johnny, his dad, and grandmother, is going through some difficult times. The family relies on Johnny to help with most of the household duties, but he's living a reckless life with drinking and casual sex to compensate for his loneliness. The family then decides to hire a Romanian migrant-worker called Gheorghe to help, so as they begin to spend time together, an attraction begins to grow. This movie talks more about the denial of love and the problems that come with family pressures.




Big Eden (2000) Dir. Thomas Bezucha

This is the story of Henry, a successful artist living in New York and is open about his sexuality. One day, he receives a call from his hometown, his grandfather is very ill and he's in critical condition. Henry decides to return to Big Eden, Montana and confront the life he left behind. Things become even more complicated when he finds out his highschool crush has also returned, recently divorced, and with two kids. Henry's journey is a story of how honest plays such an important role in life's decisions.




Mulligans (2008) Dir. Chip Hale

So what happens we find out your sexuality decades after when you have a family and a life set out for you? This movie is about facing your true self regardless of how much time or years you've spent living a way of life. It's about breaking free and assuming the consequences of your decisions, the good and the bad.




For many people the closet is still there, regardless of how much society has progressed in some respects, so sometimes you need a little incentive to push open doors and find new, thrilling ways of life. These films inspire you to break away your mental cages and seek the love you deserve.


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