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Lindsay Lohan is totally into making a ‘Freaky Friday’ sequel

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 11 de noviembre de 2022

Lindsay Lohan revealed she’s already talked to Jamie Lee Curtis about a ‘Freaky Friday’ sequel.

After some years out of the spotlight, Lindsay Lohan is back! This year has definitely been a great one for the former Mean Girls star. She got married to Bader Shammas in April and has declared to be extremely happy in this new phase in her life. Now, she looks stunning promoting her new film Falling for Christmas which is now available on Netflix.

It was during an interview on Jimmy Fallon’s show when Lohan said something that left her fans ecstatic! Fallon asked her if she would be willing to play Anna Coleman one more time in a Freaky Friday sequel to which Lohan replied that she’d love to and that she has actually spoken to Jamie Lee Curtis about it.

Curtis recently gave lots of interviews while promoting the latest installment of the Halloween franchise, and she also declared that she’d love to work on a sequel of the iconic teen movie if Lohan would do it as well. According to Lindsay Lohan, Curtis actually approached her while she was filming Falling for Christmas and they both brainstormed some ideas for a potential sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis has already quite an interesting and hilarious idea. She declared on Entertainment Tonight, that Dr. Coleman’s “gotta be a grandma. And just watching Lindsay try to be a grandma makes me laugh, and then me being a grandma trying to take care of toddlers makes me laugh, so, I’m assuming it’ll be something, or it won’t be anything, we don’t even know yet.”

That plot has some potential! And let’s be honest, the film will likely happen quite soon. We’re in the nostalgia era and sequels and reboots are ruling the industry. If both Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are into doing Freaky Friday 2, it will surely happen soon!

On another note, Fallon also asked Lohan about a Mean Girls sequel to which she simply said it’s all up to Tina Fey...

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