Little-Known Facts About Elvis Presley That Made Him a Controversial ‘King’

Know some curious facts about Elvis Presley, ‘The King of Rock and Roll.’

This 2023, Elvis Presley, better known as ‘The King of Rock and Roll,’ would’ve turned 88 years old. To remember his musical legacy, in the United States, they decided to screen free in theaters the movie Elvis, which is available on the streaming platform HBO and stars Austin Butler.

While the artist became an iconic singer and actor during his career, he was also involved in many controversies due to his lifestyle, statements, and more little-known facts that you will learn here.


1. His Eating Habits

As we told you in this note, the singer used to have unhealthy habits such as eating junk food every day, including several cans of ice cream, sodas, peanut butter, hamburger bread, French fries, and bacon.

2. The ‘Elvis Sandwich’

Presley had a favorite food that, despite having more than 7,000 calories, the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ didn’t mind and enjoyed placidly every time he felt like it. This is the famous ‘Elvis Sandwich,’ which is a gigantic peanut butter and banana sandwich of almost half a kilo that also included grape jam and bacon.


3. He Sang with a Mariachi Band in Spanish

Elvis Presley performed and danced to the famous song “Guadalajara” with a mariachi band in the 1963 Hollywood movie Fun in Acapulco. The shots were photomontages created with the help of actress Katy Jurado, whom Elvis Presley approached for help since the artist did not travel to Mexico to film it due to legal problems with his agent.

4. Did He Steal Music from the Black Community?

Gospel music was an important influence for Elvis, and so he turned his voice to the same style and began to record and sell records without covers so they wouldn’t see that he was a white guy making black music. It was said that the artist took advantage of this to earn money and achieve fame.


5. He Took Great Care of His Hair

Elvis loved his hair so much that he took the utmost care of it using three products for three different areas: wax and special oils for the top and vaseline for the back.

6. He Adopted a Chimpanzee

The artist had very eccentric tastes, for example, one day he randomly decided to take care of a chimpanzee he named Scatter. He loved him so much that he traveled with him and even used him to make jokes in bad taste toward women.


7. He Was Very Toxic

Despite being very talented, Elvis Presley was sexist, toxic, and even aggressive with his partners. The musician that sang about love was not as loving as he presented himself in public.

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva

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