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This Movie Will Remind You That You're Not Alone At All

29 de diciembre de 2017

Sara Araujo

“Your Name” will make you believe in love and destiny all over again.

Is it true that we're all destined to meet that one person we’re looking for? Can we believe that, no matter what, we won’t end up sad and alone because there’s someone outside waiting for us? There’s a Japanese legend that’s completely positive about this. According to an ancient tale, our most significant bonds are meant to happen at some point because we are connected to certain people by a red string, which will never break, no matter what. Legend has it that when two people are tied by this string, they will inevitably live an important story in a special place and time. They won’t necessarily be together the rest of their lives, but no matter the experience they have together, it will change their lives.

Unlike similar beliefs, the red string is not limited to romantic relationships and it isn't narrowed to one event. We can be connected with more than one person in this way, and this bond can be developed with a close relative or a friend. The idea of the red string is so fascinating because it can be real to an extent, since we do have special connections with certain people throughout our life. But what happens when a particular person we're meant to meet is nowhere near us?

This is what
Your Name
is all about: having a mysterious connection with someone, but not being sure about how, when, or where will we meet them. If you were captivated by the red string legend, you’ll absolutely love this compelling story. High school students Mitsuha and Taki are complete strangers. Mitsuha lives in a small town where nothing really happens while Taki is a city boy living in Tokyo. One day, they both randomly switch places. Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body and vice versa. Unable to explain this situation, they attempt to live each other’s life, which leads to the creation of a unique connection.

Through notes and messages, Mitsuha and Taki develop a relationship, even though they don’t know who the other is or why they have swapped bodies. They decide to look for each other, but it seems to be a lot more complicated than they thought. This is where the red string will define whether they were destined to meet or the life-changing experience was meant to be this way: forever separated.

Your Name

, directed by Makoto Shinkai (the mastermind behind
Voices of a Distant Star
5 Centimeters Per Second)
has proven to be a huge success due to its astonishing visuals and moving story. It was so successful in Japan that it had a special release in North America, in order to qualify for Oscar eligibility. Even Rotten Tomatoes is talking about it, giving the film a 97% final rating! It is safe to say that this masterpiece has turned into one of the biggest hits regarding Japanese animation. So, if by any chance you’re into romantic anime, and you’re somehow trying to explain the extent of your connection with others, then you can’t miss
Your Name


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Sara Araujo

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