6 Movies That Will Inspire You To Have A Fresh Beginning

6 Movies That Will Inspire You To Have A Fresh Beginning

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By: Ariel Rodriguez

April 11, 2018

Movies 6 Movies That Will Inspire You To Have A Fresh Beginning
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By: Ariel Rodriguez

April 11, 2018

If you're bored and tired of your life, these movies show that all it takes to start over is to make a decision.

I’ve always hated to watch sad movies because they have a terrible effect on me. For example, I once watched A Little Bit of Heaven (2011), and it had me crying non-stop for a couple of days. It is a beautiful movie, don’t get me wrong, but the message is so deep and powerful that it brought very depressing thoughts to my head. Then, I realized that I could use this power of films to cause the opposite effect on me. I could feel inspired, motivated, and laugh out loud by watching other types of movies.

With this in mind, I tested my theory on a friend of mine who was going through a hard break up – it was one of those relationships that lasted for several years. I picked How to Be Single (2016) because the story revolved around a woman who has to learn the hard way that there's nothing wrong with being alone; on the contrary, she could have new experiences that her former relationships had kept her from doing before. It was a new beginning for this character and an inspirational lesson for my friend. If you happen to need a reminder that fresh starts are an excellent way to leave all your baggage behind, this list of movies will help you accomplish that.

Wild (2014)

When we go on a journey away from our everyday routine, it allows us to rethink our past and see life in a new perspective, which is exactly what the main character of this film did. After an emotional roller coaster involving a relative’s death, a broken marriage, a failed career, and drug addiction, Strayer sets out on a life-changing journey along three thousand miles of the Pacific Crest Trail – a hike her mother would have wanted her to do. During her ambitious voyage, she analyzes her past mistakes, comes to a resolution with herself, and takes on a challenge that expert hikers have failed to accomplish. I personally love this movie because it shows how travel can lead to new beginnings.

The Big City: Mahanagar (1963)

What happens when everything you always took for granted is suddenly gone? In Mahanagar, the daily routine of a housewife changes due to financial hardship, she is forced to get out of the house and get a job for the first time. This movie is based on the time when women started working in increasing numbers in 1950s India. Arati, the main character, has to get a job after her husband can no longer afford their expenses. To Arati and her family, her job is a new beginning and a solution to a problem they thought was unsolvable. The contrast between culture, tradition, and the new working women of the 20th century shows that the solution to our problems sometimes calls for starting over from scratch.

Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

This movie is the perfect lesson in how to give your life a 360 degree turn. The protagonist, Elizabeth Gilbert, had it all: a successful career, a loving husband, and a close circle of friends. However, one day, she suddenly loses everything. Then, she remembers a prophecy from a guru she met in Bali, who told her that this would happen to her. So, she decides to leave everything behind and take a one-year trip to Italy, India, and Indonesia with the little money she had left. It's a great movie and a great example of finding happiness when we feel like the world is crumbling down into a million pieces.

How To Be Single (2016)

This movie tells the story of a few people who, for one reason or another, end up single. The main character, Alice, has been in a relationship with her college boyfriend for a long time. Bored with the routine and anxious to have new experiences, she decides to break up with him temporarily and move to New York City, where she will party, meet new people, and enjoy herself. Shortly after, she gets involved in one relationship after the next, until she realizes that she could take a break from emotional attachment, and instead start a new life focusing on herself, not others.

My Happy Family (2017)

This movie was filmed in Georgia (the country), and it shows that you are never too old to start from scratch. Manana, the protagonist, is a 50-year-old literature teacher, wife, mother, daughter, and sister in a big family that lives together in a cramped three-bedroom apartment. Manana has forgotten what "time to herself" or privacy means, until one day she decides to move out. This causes a huge conflict in her family, since it’s not socially acceptable for women to leave their home. Yet, she is not abandoning her family, she just wants her own space. She is determined to do it and to enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with having a place for her own.

Queen (2014)

One of the sweetest and most fun getting-over-a-break-up movies I've ever seen. The main character, Lisa, is days away from her wedding. She is happy and excited, and feels like her life as a woman is about to finally start. However, her fiancé decides to call off the wedding due to the his strict, conservative beliefs and lifestyle, sending her into a depressive emotional state that no one seems to be able to talk her out of. The family then decides that it would be healthy for her to go on her honeymoon anyway by herself. So, she gets on a plane to Europe, where a series of funny and unexpected events turn her trip on the adventure of a lifetime and show her that her life is far from over.


Nobody said that life was easy, but these movies show that when we're going through hard times, the best thing to do is to pick yourself up and take charge of your life.

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